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Subject: Bart, you need to pay better attention

Obama is fighting.  He honestly is. 

For example, when McCain said he'd get rid of the "old boys' club", 
Obama noted that for McCain "old boys' club" was pretty much "a staff meeting". 
That's what the kids on the street call an ice-cold burn, son.

On Anderson Cooper 360--not necessarily impartial but he's generally good people--last night, 
they noted that Obama had spent more money on negative ads (defined as "an ad where you talk 
about the other person and not yourself") than McCain since the Republican convention. 

Furthermore, while it seems like Obama isn't fighting, he's hammering McCain, but McCain is lying 
through his teeth--which is getting everyone's attention, and not in a good way: even people who 
whored for Bush are outraged at the blatant falsity of McCain's ads.  Karl Rove has said that some 
of McCain's recent ads have not passed the "100% truth" test, which tells you that they might as well
have been claiming Obama was behind 9/11. 

On top of that, they're spending time ripping down Palin on every channel but Fox and laughing at 
the talking points the Republican cobble together in desperation to defend her.
 Mike Mac

Mike, you're saying Obama is running a good campaign?
Is there anyone not on Obama's payroll who agrees with you?

Bush is the WPE, and McCain promises more of the same
and our guy can't pull away from him in the polls?
Don't you think our best should be 10 points ahead of their best?

You say I'm not paying attention, I get that, but you'd have to admit that 
the 10-12 hours a day I spend on politics is surely paying more attention than 
99% of the average American - so what are they thinking?

A NYWTimes poll says 51% of people think Obama's going to raise their taxes
Who's going to vote for higher taxes in Bush's economy?

I'm getting tired of reading columns asking why Obama refuses to fight back - aren't you?
Isn't that why you wrote this e-mail?

We'll find out in 6 weeks if Obama fought hard enough,
but would it hurt him to show more fight while there's still time to win?

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