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Subject: your foolishness re: obama

Bart, you wrote:

> But Obama did get caught.

> His campaign and the media made a BIG DEAL out of the super-diverse donor groundwork he had.
> How people, the little people, the salt of the Earth, kept turning out for the Obama revolution.
> He's a man of the people - 250,000 donors proves Obama is another JFK, or RFK.

Are you sure you're not just a hardcore Hillary supporter?
This is kind of ridiculous, Bart.

I think every word I wrote was true.
You can't read two paragraphs, ignore the point, and then say, "This is ridiculous."

If I lied, show me where.
If I ignored some facts, show me where.
If I stretched a bias too thin, show me where.
I have an opinion that I can defend - do you?

He got caught?  Caught doing what?  OBEYING THE LAW?  Come off it, dude.

I didn't accuse him of "obeying the law."
I pointed out that once you say, "I'm Mr Clean," it's double trouble if you get caught.
He (or his team) carefully led us to believe that Obama took the fundraising lead with
controbutions from the common man, and that SHE was on the side of the BIG donors.

So when it came out that the books were "sexed-up" a little to help Mr Clean look better
it hurts him more than it would hurt Hillary, because we all know how those people are.

I think I read that these "donations" account for like 1% of his total contributions
(or some ridiculously small figure).  So what's that tell ya?

That tells me I'm right.
There must be a reason why all the other campaigns contract out there candidate swag.
Obama chose not to - apparently - so he could claim each pin and bumper sticker as a "donor."
That's a slick but legal thing to do - but then word leaked out, and now Mr Clean lost some shine.
You can disagree and say none of that happened or none of that matters.  I think it did and does.

Well, it tells me that this is a perfect non-issue for propagadists.  It also tells me... wait for it...
he's got tons of support with "little people" who can't afford $1000-a-plate fundraisers!

...which is exactly the message he wanted to get out. It fits his campaign theme,
"Let's turn the page, move forward, and start fresh with new leadership."

But he got caught.

You're not being reasonable.

To make that charge stick you'd have to show evidence.

You said, "He made a rookie mistake with that whole "I'm above all that" business - and now he's stuck"

He's not stuck forever - I only meant he now must live with the facts coming into the sunlight.
When you say, "I'm the high road candidate," getting caught cooking the numbers stings a little more.

Perhaps "a staffer" is guilty, but somebody who Obama trusted to run his campaign made the
specific decision to count trinket sales as donations so Obama could claim more donors with the FEC.

The only reason to consider him stuck is people who are blowing this non-issue out of proportion just like you are.
If someone was doing this shit to Hillary, I'm doubting you'd have this stand on the issue.
 Matt the Shark

It's not the crime of the century, it's not even a crime.
But he did get caught.

Hillary wouldn't have done this.
Hillary wouldn't have gotten caught.

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