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Subject: It's OK for Obama to be in Hawaii

Bart, Obama is visiting his grandmother and other family?

And why not talk about Bush, a man who had an entire lake built and stocked 
because he couldn't catch fish if anyone else had a line in the water?
Visiting Kennybunkport never hurt the Bush brigade (and that's a lot posher than most of Hawaii.)

If he stayed home and took the kids to Chucky Cheese he'd be slammed as a cheepskate.

If he went to a NASCAR event, someone would make up an elitist quote and pin it to his bony ass. 
Not to mention inconveniencing all those hard working real (white) 'Murkins with his secret service detail. 
Ditto Myrtle Beach.

If he eats at a diner and doesn't order coffee, he's dissin' people, since not drinking coffee 
at a diner is librul code for calling the patrons white trash. When one's opposition is not 
constrained by reality, there's not a move to be made that won't be spun badly.

I say go visit Grandma, let her see the kids, enjoy the time with his family, and laugh at the press 
for not understanding that being with kinfolk means something to real Americans.

If he wins, I don't care if he snorts coke while being blown by a limo driver named Larry.

I just need a victory fix. 

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