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Obama   Blackwater
Not much 'change' going on there...


Blackwater (rebranded as Xe in an effort to escape theie rape-is-legal past) recently received a
$100 million contract from the CIA to secure its bases in Afghanistan. The State Department also
awarded them $120 million to provide security for new diplomatic buildings, including consulates
outside Kabul, giving the firm a total of $220 million in new contracts in Afghanistan. This seems
remarkable, given the extremely negative image Blackwater has throughout the world. That people
even know about a private security company is a bad sign in itself. Not surprisingly, CIA Director
Leon Panetta had to go on the offensive to defend the contracts.

The contracts are certainly problematic. But the real issue is not Blackwater itself,
but U.S. military grand strategy.

From a financial aspect, it is not surprising that Blackwater got the contracts. For the CIA contract alone,
Blackwater bid a full $26 million below the next lowest bidder, quite significant considering the contract
was for $100 million. This low bid was made possible largely by the many huge contracts Blackwater
received in Iraq. With close ties to the Bush administration, Blackwater was the 12th largest contractor
in Iraq, even though it was not tasked to build embassies and roads. They pulled in almost $500 million
between 2004 and 2006.

THIS is why Republicans get into wars of choice.

The Blackwater rapists can't make $100 million dollars in peacetime.
The Blackwater rapists can't make $220 million dollars in peacetime.
The Blackwater rapists can't make $500 million dollars in peacetime.
The Blackwater rapists can't legally anally rape hundreds of roofied white women in peacetime.

What's the fun of war if you can't legally anally rape hundreds of roofied women?

So, they contribute millions to the most belligerent, most-likely-to-get-in-a-war candidate.

"Fuck Saddam. we're taking him out!"

He becomes president, Blackwater makes their $100 million and 5,000 soldiers die.

And the Democrats refuse to list the facts
so we
re-load and do it all again.

Blackwater gets another $200 million contract to anally rape roofied women
and another 5,000 soldiers die "protecting their country."

I need a fucking drink...


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