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Obama's campaign would implode if:

 -he used his office to allow his wife to carry narcotics for her consumption on a diplomatic passport.

-he had a scandal where he traded campaign favors for political influence a la Keating 5.

-he picked a Veep with the same skill set and experience as Sarah Palin.

-he called his wife a trollop and c*** in public.

-he couldn't remember what border Afghanistan was on.

-he kept confusing Iraq with Iran.

-he involved himself in a regional conflict that has no strategic value to this country.

-he surrounded himself with a lobbyist operation of 150 people to manage his campaign.

-he dumped his 1st wife for a 24-year-old heiress to a beer fortune, committing adultery in the process.

-he had a lobbyist that got him to intercede with the FCC on broadcasting licensing with a potential sex angle involved.

-he was 72 years old with a medical history of numerous occurrences of cancer.

-he was celebrating his birthday with a cake while New Orleans was drowning.

-he was in a party that has been a governing disaster for the past 8 years.

-he had falsely fingered Iraq for the 9/11 attack.

-he had fellow senators of his party publicly worried about his temper and temperament to be POTUS.

-he was caught on camera celebrating his birthday with a celebrity and indicted con artist in some exotic locale.

-he couldn't remember how many houses he owned.

-he violated campaign rules about flying in private aircraft, owned by his wife, at no cost o his campaign.

-he thought rich was making $5 million a year.

-he let Michelle show up for his nominating convention wearing $280,000 worth of jewels.

-he continued to lie about his VP's accomplishments, particularly on earmarks and the bridge to nowhere.

-he stated that Joe Biden probably knew more about energy than any other person in the US.

-he graduated 894/895 in his class and crashed 4 jets while in the military.

If he were running as a Republican, these problems wouldn't matter.

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