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Subject: Obama in Ashville

Hey Bart,

I attended the Obama rally in Asheville NC on Sunday Oct 5th along with about 28000
of my close friends.  It was an electrifying experience.  The Asheville paper said they figured 
attendance would be around ten thousand.  While waiting in line, a campaign volunteer said 
that 16,000 had RSVP'd.  The newspaper reported that the number turned out to be 28,000.  

It was big.  Asheville is a town of 70,000.  I live nearby in Tn.  I talked to people from South Carolina 
and North Carolina.  It was very exciting, and even though I'm a political junkie and had heard almost 
everything he said, it's just like attending a sporting event or concert compared to watching it on TV.  
Just more exciting.

But what really impressed me, other than the turnout, was being able to see Obama's ground game 
in action.  Many volunteers were working, either selling merchandise, assisting security, getting cards 
filled out by people waiting in line, etc.  I do believe this is a historic campaign.  He has taken the 
groundwork from Howard Dean's 04 campaign and improved it.  It is truly a well oiled machine. 

I believe that he will win this election, and big.  More than 300 electoral votes, possibly many more 
what with then economy destructing and McCain/Palin seeming even more out of touch and desperate 
every day.  He is going to win Virginia and North Carolina, amongst other states that have been red 
for way too long.  So many young people involved, and I'm sure none of them are even counted in 
polls since they have cellphones only.  And they are going to vote.

This is something big, big I tell you.  And I cannot wait until election day.  Also I feel it might be a 
good idea to early vote if allowed.  We could have huge lines in many places.  And like you being 
stuck in a red state, I did get an opportunity to see what all the buzz is about in a nearby state.  

I'm not sure if Obama or anyone can get this nation back on the right track, because it has been 
damaged badly by Bushco and the GOP.  But I am positive that John McCain cannot.

Beeman - did you say there are two Carolinas?  :)

Thanks for sending that.

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