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Subject: Obama is black

I usually don't disagree with you about many thing but I'm about to.  

We will soon find out if America is truly ready to vote for a black man.  
Obama has reshaped the electorate so that this could happen.  He was the right choice 
for Democrats and he was the only Liberal politician that could go against the grain and 
still have a shot of winning.  

Democrats are acting like a bunch of "bitches", letting John McCain and his secretary 
make them second-guess themselves.  A blackman is running, of course this shyt was going 
to be close.  I agree with Rick Davis when he said that this campaign is not about the issues.  
Mr. Davis thinks that he KNOW the American people, but he discounts all the new voters 
that Obama, and Hillary Clinton for that matter, have awakened.  

Obama knows that if he tells the truth that his race is the REAL issue, then he will be accused 
of playing the race card and thus will lose the election.  He also, knows the is he gets too aggressive,
he will be branded the "angry black man" and thus will lose the election.  All he can do is out work 
the Republicans for the Presidency.  While McCain and Palin are trust that the "good-ole-white-folks"
will bring them through, Obama continues to register new voters that I feel will finally usurp these 
Republican "sheeple".  IT'S HAS TO BE THIS WAY!!!  We have to find out if America is ready 
to break the color barrier.  Obama has to win against insurmountable odds for real change to happen.  

Hey he's been kicking azz since he was in college and I think that Democrats need to stop getting 
rattled and start fighting the Republicans for him.  I don't see Hillary out there kicking azz.  She all but
endorsed Sarah Palin.  Palin is putting words in her mouth and Hillary won't attack her.  And they say 
Obama won't fight.  Democrats cannot defeat Republicans in a hate contest.  Hell man Democrats have 
need been "tougher-talking" than Republicans.  Bill Clinton beat Bush after Bush won a war, why?  

Because the people decided that it was time to change, and that's what's going to happen this time.  
I disagree man, there ain't no magic put down that will make these prejudice azz white folks vote for Obama.  
We just have to make sure that they are not the ones that determine the election this year.  Liberals need to 
stop thinking that Republican are so powerful, they not!  The just out worked us the last eight years.  


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