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Subject: Obama is Kerry?

Bart, Obama is the next Kerry.  

The FACTS and EXIT POLLS say that America is still racist.  
Don't blame me, I just want to win.  
But the FACTS point to Obama not being able to carry the 
white "hard working" vote, which means he CAN'T win.  

Usually we treat this as a joke, but it's a joke that could screw us crazy.
Any mention of the facts about race in the contest, if spoken by a Clinton, is racist
and that joke is as stupid as saying Charlton Heston hated guns.

What if some hot, new gunslinger challenged Heston for the presidency of the NRA,
but the only way he could pull it off was to make Heston every gun owner's nightmare?

On one hand, the idea would be too retarded to even entertain,
but what if someone tried it and, with the help of America;s whore media,
was able to convince enough not-paying-close attention voters?

On the other hand... the fact that Obama got black America to testify against the Clintons,
that's something that I would've bet heavily could not happen  -  I would've been dead wrong.

A year ago?
If you came to me and said,
"Bart, even odds, I'll bet you $500 that one year from today,
the Clintons' approval ratings with blacks would be less than ten percent..."

I would've refused that bet - unless you agreed to bet at least $2500.

I would've bet that there was no man or no news story or no lie that could ever make
black America disown the very best friends, friends with power, that they ever knew or had.

<Bart does a sad shot...>

He'll put up a valiant, eloquent "fight", but he can't win, and like Kerry, I don't think he's supposed to.  
This country runs for the enrichment of the haves, not the rest of us, if history is any indicator.  

Media Clinton Hate won't let the person who can win run, so we get The Agent of Change which
will really end up putting McSame into office, thereby keeping the money flowing to the haves.  

Call me crazy, but that's how I see it happening.  
Anybody have a better explanation in Bartland?
 Dennis in Oregon

 Dennis, it appears that the whore press has cast this Fall movie as, "that ultra-radical 
"Muslim Hussein Obama" will run against "America's greatest war hero," Bubbles McCain.
 The same whore press that screwed Gore out of victory, and screwed Kerry out of victory,
 has lined up behind Obama and nobody sees a screwing coming but Ol' Bart?

 It's a curse - always being right.

 Between now and November, we're going to hear "radical terrorist Hussein Muslim" 10,000 times.
 I hope Obama is up to the bloody knife fight the lying whore media has set up for him.
But you know what the worst part is?

If Obama loses, which I don't expect at this point, I'll get mail saying,
"Bart, why didn't you warn us that the Democrats were going off a cliff?"

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