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Subject: media worship of Obama

Bart, what if it's worse than you think?

You wrote:

> "Those sellout bastards some call 'journalists' are feeling pressure from corporate executives
> to cast Obama in a positive light while they sharpen their Obama knives for the general election
> so the 'straight-talking war hero' can win."

But, what if that's not the case?
What if the general election campaign comes, and the networks are still all-hail-Obama, all the time?

As an honest man who's into logic, I'd have to say that's a possibility.
There's no evidence to suggest that, but it's certainly possible.

What if Obama is the candidate 'they' really want this time?
One who, because he's black and a Democrat, can carry on the Bush legacy with impunity?

Oh Jesus, are you saying what I think you're saying?

That Obama is a GOP tool, sent here to trick us?
On the surafce I'd say no, then then again, that would explain why the "war lovers"
are pulling for him and it would explain all the media swooning and fainting over him.

Will the Bush crimes go unpunished in 2009?
Will Obama make the same 'mistake' that Clinton did with Iran-Contra,
and just let it all go for the sake of 'moving on?'

Obama has no choice on that.
He's promised to "reach across the aisle" but he can't do that
if he tries to hold Der Monkey responsible for his war crimes.

Is 'maverick' McCain the Republicans' true best choice as a candidate?
Or, as in '96 with Dole, are they just giving the old man a shot as a favor,
a phony sign of respect, and grooming their 'real' candidates for the next round?

You're scaring me with that kind of talk.
The single biggest knock against Obama is - who is he?
He's never said much in his speeches, just stuff like, "You can't expect change
to come from the top down, change must come from the bottom up."

That means absolutely nothing, but it drives his crowds into hysteria.
Nothing wrong with being vague, but an unknown who's vague can be scary.

Perhaps a wager is in order here. I'll put a $50 donation against a pound of
The South's Finest Chocolate that Obama continues to receive the Bush treatment
during the general election campaign. I don't know if we'll be seeing McCain in
space-suits, too, but it won't be far from that.

I like gambling, but what does "receive the Bush treatment" constitute?

How the media treats Obama isn't in itself evidence of what to expect from him in office.
But we should all remember to look back at your words today -- he who is universally
praised by the whore media is not our friend.

I had that same idea at the grocery store today.
If people are undecided about how to cast their vote this year,
take the easy way and vote for whoever the whore media hates most.

That would give us Clinton 44.

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