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Subject: Open letter to Obama 

Mr. President Obama, I was part of the national outcry of voters who elected you president. 
I believed what you told us about the need for change.  I believed you when you said things would be different. 
I now find myself not knowing the man I worked so diligently for during the election. 

Where is the leadership you so magnificently projected as a candidate?  I must admit I fail to understand your need 
to seek a bipartisan effort to preside over this nation when in fact the republicans have no intention at all in supporting 
such an effort.  You for some reason seem to believe that logic works with these individuals and you can reason with them. 

You cannot, the republicans are interested in one thing, getting the executive power back into their ideology. 
They care not about the nation's need to exist as a democratic republic.  Power, the power to commit the same,
if not more radical, egregious constitutional violations as Bush/Cheney did for 8 years.  Our nation cannot endure 
another term of such destructive behavior.  Yet, you Sir seem to believe that if you put one foot in front of the other 
every day and work to make our nation a better nation, all things will be ok.  They will not. 

The corruption and criminal rot you inherited from the Bush/Cheney administration has got to be a major component 
holding you back.  You say you aren't interested in the past, but look forward to a better nation.  Until and unless you 
recognize that the nation needs to account for these acts that violated our constitution, ajudicated law and our treaties 
so that we, as a nation can come to terms with our collective guilt, we will stay radically divided.  This should not be 
about one president watching another presidents back.  This is about that which holds us together, the rule of law. 

Mr. President Obama you must take control of the democrat party legislators instead of trying to babysit them. 
If you fail to do this these so-called democrats will ensure your history as a one term president.  You Sir are too important
an individual to allow this to occur.  I am certain you are aware that as a result of the bluedog democrat senators and their 
vieled bipartisan effort to achieve a healthcare plan, wanted the media to show that we citizens are not in favor of the 
national healthcare plan over the August recess.  In that bipartisan character you did not force the issue and they ran off 
to destroy your effort and your name. 

Unfortunately, to a large degree these allies of yours were successful at damaging your message and your reputation. 
Yet, we who still hope for your leadership have shown through a recent SurveyUSA poll that we want a national 
healthcare plan with the public option.  What do your cabinet members do?  They openly state that the public option 
may be deleted from your plan.  Why?  Why do you allow this to occur? 

I fear what will result from this bipartisanship effort is a dismal democrat election in 2010.  Already the media is 
protraying you as an individual who cannot lead.  Mr. President I beseech you, do not allow this to happen. 
You must start by having your DOJ appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the torture issue, as well as the 
other blatant violations of our constitution by the Bush/Cheny regime.  Provided you actually believe this nation is 
a nation of laws you will do this.  Once this is started, the republicans and bluedogs will be far to busy at damage 
control to affect any of your efforts.  This is not a political ploy, like the Bush/Cheney use of government false 
terror threats the day before the election of 2004, this would be an honest president complying with his sworn duty 
to protect the constitution from all enemies, domestic and foreigh.

Mr. President, you must lead, not manage, if you are to be the success we americans knew you would be. 
If you fail this I truly fear for my nation's stability.

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