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Subject: Obama and Nazi Aktion T4 

This where we are heading with coming socialism that Obama is leading into with hes health care reform.

Hitler's extermination policies began with the widespread killing of institutionalized disabled people in Germany 
in the 1940s, and that the eugenics theories that were the basis for Hitler's policies originated in the United States 
in the 1920s. Sterilization and euthanasia were not the ideas of the Nazis.


The T4 Program was specifically developed by the Naziís in 1939 to deal with individuals, who had a disability, 
were elderly, were mentally insane, or who were considered to be in any way feebleminded and weak.

In early 1938, a doctorís wife requested to speak to Hitler regarding having her child killed. The little boy, who 
came to be known as the Knauer Baby, was missing two limbs, was blind, and may have been mentally retarded. 
Hitler agreed to kill the child as a test case. After the murder of this child proved to be successful, it was then decided 
to formally design a program of mass murder for children with disabilities, regarded to be life unworthy of life, 
and who were impediments to the Naziís drive to world power. 

I'm mot a Republican Troll but I'm a free thinker............aka Independent.

So you've taken a horrible piece of history and then claim, "That's where Obama is taking us."

Instead of predicting a holocaust led by Obama, why not show your evidence?
Can't anybody say anything about anybody who's going to do something awful?

What if I say Sarah Palin is going to strangle Bristol?
Are you going to call the police and save Bristol's life?

What if I said the GOP was about to send all Black people to Africa?
Wouldn't you ask where my evidence was for such a crazy charge?

Instead of reading minds, why not show your evidence?

Do you think nobody died until Obama was elected?
Do you think all insurance companies pay every claim submitted to them?

You call yourself a "free thinker" but you haven't said anything but "Obama is bad."

You also said you're not a Rethug troll, ...but you sound like Rush, Beck and Hannity.

Why would you claim to be "independent?"

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