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Subject: Obama's Passion for Nukes!  Not People.  Not Jobs

 Hi Bart,

Obama giving billions for nuke plants has sent me over the edge. Nobody should think 
of this corporate welfare enthusiast as for the people or for the environment.

Yet meanwhile, instead of leading in any of the real issues facing America, Obama today is 
yet again busy kissing more GOP ass and giving billions to nuclear power plants. What a kick 
in the face to environmentalists and progressives in the US and all over the world who have 
spent generations protesting to stop the insane and reckless nuclear industry. The industry isn't
profitable without more military-industrial corporate welfare for Westinghouse!

Once again, Obama pays off the rich and lets middle America starve and lose their homes, 
with millions without jobs. Don't you think passing the GOP held up unemployment extension 
and doing something about foreclosures and corporation-friendly bankruptcy laws are, perhaps 
a bit more important than bailing out another dinosaur American industry (one that was already 
defunct since Reagan was in office??). So you can see where his priorities lay. Money that could
have gone to alternative energy, while China now has taken the lead in renewable energy technology.

Yep, kissing more Republican ass is all Obama hopes will work. How pathetic is that?

"I'll be philosophical. Until about two billion years ago, it was impossible to have any life on earth; 
that is, there was so much radiation on earth you couldn't have any life fish or anything. Gradually, 
about two billion years ago, the amount of radiation on this planet and probably in the entire system 
reduced and made it possible for some form of life to begin... Now when we go back to using nuclear 
power, we are creating something which nature tried to destroy to make life possible... Every time you
produce radiation, you produce something that has a certain half-life, in some cases for billions of years.
I think the human race is going to wreck itself, and it is important that we get control of this horrible force 
and try to eliminate it... I do not believe that nuclear power is worth it if it creates radiation. Then you might 
ask me why do I have nuclear powered ships. That is a necessary evil. I would sink them all. Have I given 
you an answer to your question?"
   -Adm.Hyman Rickover, the Father of the Nuclear Navy and of Shippensport nuclear reactor.


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