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Subject: Obama - off limits?

I am mystified at the tendency of Clinton supporters to suggest that
Obama has called them racist. When? What have I missed?

Do you own a TV?
America's whore media (cable channels) say that about 10 times per hour.
Monday's page had a few stories about being "fed up" with allll that Clinton racism.

They have worked feverishly to make him the new Jesse Jackson,

I don't know what that means - the Clintons worked feverishly?
You mean when Bill reminded reporters that Jesse won in '84 and '88?

What makes that a racial slur?

...knowing precisely what that means to white rednecks from sea to shining sea.
They have not let their friends know in no uncertain terms that raising the issue
of the drug use he voluntarily admitted to in his book is off limits. Give me a break.

Off limits?
If blowjobs are fair game, why isn't admitted cocaine use?

The Clintons are fighting fair, but the GOP is another story.
Obama needs to be ready for the unthinkable.

This is the duo that gave us "I didn't inhale."
This is the duo that gave us perjury (regardless of the subject matter).

You really hate them, don't you...
After 2 Bush terms you can look at the nineties and moan in disgust?

Is he supposed to let this nonsense go without any response? He, too, has outraged 
supporters who feel he has to speak out against the way these two opportunistic 
dirty players have sought to paint him into a corner. They have baited him repeatedly, 
but I don't recall him using the word "racist" to speak against what they've pulled.

He doesn't have to - the media is doing it for him. 
Obama supporters are begging the Clinton to stop "all the racism."
They want Obama to face the Republican in November.

Seriously, I wonder what the African-American community thinks of
all these Hillary supporters inferring that Obama ought to bow out
because as a black man he is "unelectable."

We won't know if Obama is electable until he wins.
If our optimism is unfounded, we'll get more of the Bush disaster.

What is the message to African-Americans here? Sounds a lot like
"We'll let you black folks know when America is ready for
a smart black guy; meantime, shut up."

The lesson is: "America is changing - we're less racist then ever."
The question is: "Has it changed enough to elect a black man?"
We'd like to think it has, wouldn't we?

In South Carolina last Saturday, they told the Clintons and their followers,
"No. You shut up." Good for them!

Super Tuesday should tell one of the candidates that it's over.
I shudder to think what will happen if the Obamaniacs are disappointed.

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