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Subject: Obama is a one note instrument
Obama is a one note instrument, and that one note is weak and painful to hear, like a loved one's death rattle.

We cannot possibly allow this poor man to remain the house nigger for this Republican led Oligarchy another four years.
Yes, I said house nigger! He's the slave they allow in the house; The butler slave. He's the one they dress in a suit and tie,
call by first name, and proudly introduce to other slavers as an example of just how well trained a monkey can be!
Just as if he were some kind of well bred Tennessee walking horse.

Why would Obama tolerate such conditions? Why did all past slaves say "Yessir Master"
when addressing even the lowest of their white owners?

Why did so many cooperate so completely? They lived under the gun! They were trapped
by a powerful system of evil men like Eric Cantor, Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh.

The same kind of oppressive system that now allows war criminals like Cheney and Bush to escape justice
with some nonsense logic about "Looking forward". (HA!! What a sad joke!!!)

They are actually looking AWAY because the same criminals are still secretly in power today.
Not in the White House, but still IN POWER.

The White House has simply been circumvented.

And all Obama can say is "Please let your Congressman know... wimper wimper."

Taking the slightest of risks, being the hostage he is. What he is actually saying to America is
"Please take to the streets and stop these crooked bastards from destroying us all!"
And America ignores him because we still get our food stamps and other government scraps.

Perhaps we need to allow Eric Cantor and his scum buddies to have their way and take everything away
from the middle class. Maybe that would motivate today's  lazy, brick for asses, shit for brains,
still waving their slave flags high, hate-filled morons.

We are in serious need of revolution against this government, but more importantly
we need a revolution in the minds of our cattle, er.. fellow Americans. 

Let's get it done before our grand kids have to eat this fascist crap all of their lives.
  Tim M

Tim, I wish I could say you were wrong.
I wish I could say you don't understand today's American politics.

But I can't.

They said during the 2008 campaugn that Obama would lose if he was
ever seen angry,
because America wouldn't elect an angry Black man.

Right now we could use some anger from this president.
As is, whenever a fight breaks out, Obama's answer is "Sure, whatever you want..."

That's killing the middle class, it's killing the Surrender Party and it's killing America.




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