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Subject: Re: Obama and race 

Bart, pretty simple, isn't it?

The Duke case had nothing to do with Barack Obama's bid for the presidency.
The Jena thing had nothing to do with Barack Obama's bid for the presidency.
Barack Obama's pastor's sermons are only interesting to America because of 
Barack Obama's bid for the presidency.

Dude, one of us is confused.
Obama gets points for avoiding Jesse and Al.
Obama gets votes for not being Jesse or Al.

As a man who's always supported civil rights to the extreme, I've defended Jesse 
and Al when good Democrats called them worthless publicity whores - and worse.

Obama gets points for keeping his distance from these men, these men who had the balls
and the ability to put a spotlight on racial injustice  - to effect racial change for the better.
These men helped open the doors for today's Black leaders, yet, Obama gets points
for keep them at arm's length and giving a good speech about race.

Sometimes, it's hard being white.

Now my question. 
When is Hillary Clinton's "frank talk" about race scheduled for? 

I suppose right after she gets caught playing to both sides of the race issue.

I just want to make sure I'm working or buying groceries at the time...
 DBass in Dutch

Oh, I doubt America's whore media would let you miss that.

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