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Subject: the Obama powerhouse

Bart, it is time to jump off of Hillary's pony and get on Obama's powerhouse. 

That would be easier if I knew something about him.
Any idea what he stands for?

Did you hear both speeches Tuesday night? No comparison; 

But did he say anything?
Did he say he was for better schools?
Did he mention why Hillary was for worse schools?
Isn't everyone for better schools?
How is Obama's message different from anyone else?

Hillary is not much different than McCain, 

Hillary and Obama have "remarkably similar voting records," says Gene Lyons.

and Obama will kick both of their butts!

Besides Alan Keyes, he's never been in a fight.
He might be Dempsey and Louis and Ali rolled into one,
but nobody's ever seen him fight - so how do we know?
How can we send him in against the Fascists's best guy untrained and unprepared?Pay

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