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Obama Saves Detroit
After Bush killed it and New Orleans


After a dismal period of huge losses and deep cuts that culminated in the Obama’s bailout of
General Motors and Chrysler, the gloom over the American auto industry is starting to lift.

Jobs are growing. Factory workers are anticipating their first healthy profit-sharing checks in years.
Sales are rebounding, with the Commerce Department reporting Friday that automobiles were a
bright spot in July’s mostly disappointing retail sales.

The improving mood here reflects real changes in how Detroit is doing business — and a
growing sense that the changes are turning the Big Three around, according to industry
executives and analysts tracking the recovery.

Ford made more money in the first six months of this year than in the previous five years combined.
G.M. is profitable and preparing for one of the biggest public stock offerings in American history.
Even Chrysler, the automaker thought least likely to survive the recession, is hiring new workers.

<>When Obama stepped in to save Detroit, the Right howled "It's Hitler in '39."
Of course, the Democrats turned their backs and Obama was left to swing in the wind.

Now that Detroit is a big sucess again, where are the Democrats saying, "We told you so?"
Nowhere, they're still hiding under a table somewhere, wetting themselves.

The Right accused the Democrats of trying to save a city and an industry
and the Democrats pled guilty, in shame and with remorse.

Democrats are so gutless!

Why didn't they say, "Fuck you, GOP, we're saving two million jobs
and we're saving Camaros, Mustangs and Cadillacs!"

But no, they were ashamed of their president - as always.

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