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Subject: Obama - second-WPE?
You wrote “I hope Obama doesn't end up being considered the second-worst president ever.”

I never thought I would say this but, at this point, I think he’s in danger of being not second-worst
but THE WORST president ever.  If his weakness and caving in to the tea party terrorists actually
leads to the destruction of Social Security and Medicare, what’s left of our paltry safety net, he will
have resulted in some of the greatest harm to this country that I can imagine. 

He will be responsible for creating a Republican utopia, where the rich continue to get richer, with cheap 
uneducated labor and big profits, while the poor cower before their “masters”  for their tiny crumbs
of pay and the old & sick crawl up somewhere and just die.

That is the world he is helping usher in by not fighting for democratic principles, by not fighting for us.

What do you call someone that can pretend to be someone else and say a lot of pretty lines  that someone
else wrote? An actor and that is what Obama is.  A great actor with his great, “tough” speeches which are
completely unrelated to what he actually does.  And now he’s going around talking about jobs? Really?
His caving on the debt ceiling is going to cost us jobs!

The only people he actually gets mad at are his own base!  Because, we have the audacity to actually
want him to fulfill his campaign promises!  What suckers we are!  

Ideally, he should be primaried for his utter failure as a president. For extending the Bush Tax cuts when
he promised to end them. For giving up on the public option when its what the majority of this country
wanted (before the republicans media blitz confused the public) and its what this country needed. 
A public option would have been a JOB CREATOR, taking the burden off some businesses and providing
a basic quality of life to all Americans.  For continuing these unnecessary wars.  For the torture and not
going after the criminals of the prior administration. And especially for this debt ceiling disaster and
putting our safety net in danger!

Before, I used to tell myself that I’d have to just grit my teeth and vote for him, for the sake of the
Supreme Court not being filled with more ideological zealots but now,  I can’t even be sure that won’t happen! 

If he’s willing to sacrifice Social Security and Medicare – will there be anything sacred to this man? 
Who says he won’t want to please his Repub buddies by nominating one of their picks?? 
It seem nothing is certain about him anymore.

It is just all sad and terrifying and makes me fear for the future for myself and my children. 
It’s funny how the Tea Party keeps saying the talking points about how they are so concerned about
the debt because they don’t want to saddle their children with this burden. Well, I don’t want my children
to grow up in a country where its everyone fend for yourself, where the education is shitty because schools
keep getting cut, where the infrastructure is crumbling around them and its not safe to even use a bridge
and if hardship strikes you, if you lose your job or fall sick,  well…just too bad.

Will we ever have a truly Progressive president again to reverse this tide? Is that even possible
in the poisonous political and media culture in this country anymore?
I’m so disheartened and upset. Like you, I was a Hillary supporter but I allowed myself to hope that
after Bush, we’d finally have sane leadership, with Obama.  After he won, I was behind him 100%.
I never imagined this is what we were in for. And under a Democratic President!
Who could have envisioned this?

Thanks for your page and for providing some much needed sanity in an increasingly insane world! 
Money has been pretty tight but I plan to contribute as soon as I can.
  Daniella in PA




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