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Subject: Obama struggling to win over Clinton Voters

Several Liberal commentators I used to admire are now on my shit list for what they said about Hillary. 
That includes Keith Olbermann, whom I used to worship.

And if I were an American voter there is only one way I would vote for Obama: with my nose held. 
For he and his campaign made Hillary into dirt and never apologized for the lies they told about her, 
never called Keith or Randi Rhodes (who i never liked in the first place and now I think she's a worse 
bitch than Nancy Reagan, a backstabbing bigmouth that should be kicked off the air asap) to order 
and never said out loud, "Don't anyone DARE call Hillary a bitch or racist."

And then once he got the nomination what did he do with it? Nothing. He won't even fight. 
If he loses partially because he's upset the Hillary fans waay too much with his nasty campaign against her, 
and the way he let the most awful things about her be said, and the way his campaign just assassinated 
her character at every turn and did not say anything against all the Hillary hate speech that was going on
- well I think if he loses because he upset the Hillary voters, that serves him right.

The dems lost it when they didn't pick Hillary. Obama is definitely second best as is demonstrated 
by what a LOSER campaign he's running now that his worst enemy Hillary is beaten. 

If he loses it's his fault, including his contribution to the hillary bashing.

Put another way - if Obama would do to McCain what he did to Hillary, he'd be ten points ahead.
The primaries were about how racist the Clintons were - but McCain doesn't get the same treatment?

Does Obama think McCain likes Black people more than the Clintons?

Why did he fight Hillary so hard and then throttle back for McCain?

Again and again and again we see evidence that SEEMS to suggest winning the White House
was not the goal. The goals SEEMS to have been "get rid of the Clintons."

What else would explain his ferocious, slash-and-burn first half against Hillary
and his sleepy, let's-play-nice second half against the Fascist bastards?

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