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Subject: I've been an Obama supporter since the primaries, but... 

I've been an Obama supporter since the primaries, but you've been dead right about one thing.  
Obama's decision to not go after McCain hammer and tongs after cinching the nomination looks like 
it's going to cost us the Presidency again.
The unthinkable is on the verge of happening.  Our opponent is 72 year old fossil who voted with 
the most unpopular President in history 90 percent of the time...AND HE'S BEATING US!!!  

I can understand the campaign theme of "Change and Hope".  I've always liked Obama's positive vibe, 
but you also have to tell the voters why you'll be a change for the better.  And that means...*Gasp*
...saying some unflattering things about your opponent.
Obama never needed to fabricate sleazy lies about McCain.  All he had to do was tell voters the truth 
about him from the beginning and he'd be up about 12 points now rather than down 2.  And yet, whenever 
I hear Obama/Biden open their mouths about McCain, it usually goes like this...
"John McCain is an honorable, wonderful war hero and true patriot...etc." 

Why start out with a compliment to your opponent.  
Hell, if he's that great a guy, why should anyone vote Obama/Biden?
What they should have been saying from the start is "John McCain is wrong on the War 
and the Economy, just like Bush."  Then they could have thrown in something like 
"His military service is commendable, but it doesn't make him less wrong."
After having every possible advantage going into this election, the Dems are sinking again 
because they're playing like they'd rather win the good sportsmanship award than win the game.  
It just sickens me.
Maybe you and I can manage the Dem Presidential Campaign in 2012.
Phoenix, AZ

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