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     by Charles Babington, errand boy for the Whore AP 


Voters rejected one of Barack Obama's hand-picked candidates and forced another into a runoff, 
the latest sign that his political capital is slipping beneath a wave of anti-establishment anger.

I smell horseshit - do you?

This is pure crappola from a whore media whose predictions were wrong - again.
Specter is an opportinustic prick who lost as a Rethug so he turned backstabber-traitor.
Big surprise that Pennsylvania is tired of this prick after almost 40 years.

The whore media said this was going to be a slaughter for incumbents (read Democrats)
But that didn't happen so they're trying to make you think it did.

Specter became the fourth Democrat in seven months to lose a high-profile race despite Obama's involvement, 
raising doubts about Obama's ability to help fellow Democrats in this November's elections.

But asshole, Specter was a Dem in name only - he was homeless until Obama USED him to get health care passed.
Now that we got that, we don't need him anymore so this means nothing.
Besides, he lost to a better Democrat - a REAL Democrat - so where are these terrible losses you claim to see?

Specter's loss cast doubts on Obama's influence and popularity even within his own party 
and in a battleground state, no less.

B.F.D. - We don't care if the older-than-McCain Rethug pulled a Lieberman on the GOP.
The Democrats lost NOTHING last night - put that in your headlines, you liars.

Of course, it's possible that Democrats will fare better than expected this fall.

But we won't read that in our whore media is we do. 
We could GAIN seats in the House and Senate and your whore headlines would scream, 
"Another defeat for Obama," which is one big reason why you bastards are going out of business.
We don't trust you.

"We're licking our chops at running against President Obama," said Rand Paul, Teabagger victor in Kentucky.
 Paul told CNN on Wednesday he'd relish Obama's campaigning on behalf of Democrat Jack Conway. 
Obama's agenda, Paul said, is "so far to the left, he's not popular in Kentucky." 

But that's not the story.
Obama, a Black man, is not going to be popular in states that fought for slavery in the Civil War.
How fucking dumb do you have to be to miss that obvious fact?

The story is Mitch the Bitch's hand-picked boy lost BIG-time and that makes the GOP the losers.
Mitch the Bitch and the Rethugs got screwed by the Teabaggers - where is the headline for that?

Why can't the whores at the Whore AP tell the truth?

We also won in Western Pennsylvania and in a battleground state, no less.
The Democrats kept Jack Murtha's seat - you need to suck on that fact for a while.

Creating another bruise for Obama, Sen. Blanche Lincoln was forced into a runoff in Arkansas. 
Obama supports her bid for a third term,.

To hear the whore media lie, Obama is all bruised up today?
Blanche Lincoln did all she could to block health care so a REAL Democrat ran against her.
Maybe she'll survive, maybe she won't, but Obama is for her IN NAME ONLY.

The Democrats had a great night last night.
This Babington clown-writer better not be a gambler because I have my wallet out.

Between now and November, two things are almost certain:
The economy is going to be much better than it is now and
Tar balls are going to start showing up on once-beautiful beaches in Texas,
    Louisiana, Mississppi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.

You think those states are going to come out and vote big for "Drill, Baby, Drill?"
If you think Nevada, Cali and Arizona saw housing prices plunge,
just try to sell a luxury beach house on the Gulf of BP.

No matter how many times the whore media screams "Teabaggers rule,"

I'm betting they can't do shit in the states that WON the Civil War fuck 'em.

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