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Obama is Toast
   by Oklahoma Bob 

I was expecting that the Republicans and Hate Radio would pretend to support Barack until he was nominated and then they would uncover some trivial item from his past that would "shock them" into abandoning Barack and begin SwiftBoating him relentlessly. They (Republicans and Hate Radio) wanted Barack to be the nominee because they figure that there is still enough prejudice in the USA that they could easily derail him.

I like Obama enough to have him on the Dream Ticket. Until last week I agreed with Perkel... let's flip a coin and select a Prez/VP.

However, after the tapes of Barack's pastor came out, there is no way that Barack can win the election. He is toast. Many of us liberals can look at the sermons and agree with a lot of what Pastor Wright had to say. But the SwiftBoat commercials will run the "GD America" clip relentlessly in October. They will run the quote from Barack saying "Pastor Wright has been my spiritual and political advisor for several years" clip relentlessly. 
They will run the "I was not in church the day Wright gave that sermon" clip relentlessly. And White America will recoil (especially old white america). Add the statistics that 96% of Black America will vote for Obama, and White America will think that all of Black America hates all of White America, and we will have a McCain Landslide.

This is a watershed moment for the United States. Hillary Clinton can bring White America and Black America together by inviting Senator Obama 
to be her Vice President. And then, together, they must campaign like crazy to beat McCain. Obama will have 8 years to travel the world and to participate in every meaningful meeting. Obama can then become our first Black/BiRacial President.

Hillary is the only one who can do this. The video clips of Obama's Spiritual and Political advisor ranting (and the cheering congregation in the background) have brought an end to his chances of being elected this year. She can extend the hand of friendship. Every thinking American 
(White and Black) knows that neither Bill or Hillary are prejudiced.

Personally, I believe that Hate Radio has had copies of these sermons for months. I believe that they have been chortling together as they viewed the videos. They may have even photoshopped Obama into the front row at these sermons. And, like President Truman at the Yalta Conventions (just after we perfected the atom bomb), I feel that Hate Radio felt that they had "the video bomb" that would destroy Obama's chances.

Note: Barack cannot pretend to be surprised at Pastor Wright's sermons. 
Here is the smoking gun: "In the interview last spring, Mr. Wright expressed frustration at the breach in relationship 
with Mr. Obama, saying the candidate had already privately said that he might need to distance himself from his pastor." 
This is evidence that Barack was not "recently surprised," by the turn of events.   Link
 Bob (an early pillar) in Oklahoma City.

It also hurts him because Obama was using Pastor Wright as his guarantee that he's no Muslim.
Each time that charge surfaced, Obama was quick to say, "I've been going to the same Christian
church for twenty years," so it's hard for him to play "He said what?" after his 20-year association.

I also agree with you that many Democrats can agree with Wright.
America is still a terribly racist country and nobody can paper over that fact.

Sure, his "Nobody ever called Hillary 'nigger' " was over-the-top,
but his other comments - how America pretends the poor don't exist and that 9-11 was 
(my words) the Bush bastards' chickens coming home to roost - those are true statements. 

I still prefer the more experienced Democrat, but it would be a shame if Obama lost this 
because his preacher scared white people into thinking Obama was a nut

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