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Subject: Why vote for Obama? Let me count the ways...

Republicans just can't understand why people don't find them warm and lovable, 
and why everyone loves Obama.  I mean, hell, he's a n***** after all.  
And did you know that John McCain was a POW?

Why?  Let me count the ways:

1.  A woman in Grosse Point Woods (A white suburb that borders Detroit)   posted a sign outside 
her house that served notice to all trick-or-treaters. It read: "No handouts for Obama supporters, liars, 
tricksters or kids of supporters."  She was, BTW, a Republican convention delegate.  How charitable.  
How Christian.  And how could d she tell which children were the scions of Obama supporters?  
I mean you can't tell by looking, can you...........

2.  There's a road that runs along the lake that I take almost every day.  It is in a ritzy neighborhood: 
the houses are huge, and the lake has very limited public access.  One guy built a retaining way that 
jutted out into the already narrow road, which has gotten busier over the years, as the area had developed.  
It was really quite tight, and cars would line up on either side, letting one go through at a time.  I lost a 
side-view mirror there.  CIty officials had long asked him to move the wall, but he was a lawyer and 
he refused.  Drivers universally hated him.

They finally solved the problem by repaving the road and, in the process, rebuilding all the retaining walls.  
The road reopened yesterday, and as I drove along it, I noticed a McCain Palin sign in the asshole's yard, 
on top of the new retaining wall.  

3.  My neighbor has prided herself for years on splitting her ballot.  She is a democrat at heart, but would vote 
based on the individual, not the party.  We had a disagreement yesterday about our state senator--she didn't like 
either of the candidates very much, but was going to vote for the incumbent Republican because the Democrat 
was a bit flaky, and was all about wind power, which she didn't feel was that important an issue.

My Obama signs finally arrived Friday.  I put them together Saturday, and gave her one, which was up on 
her lawn within minutes, even though she said it probably wouldn't make much of a difference at this point.  
One hour and fifteen minutes later it was gone, along with the one across the street from her.  She is really, 
really pissed off.  As she wrote me, "Helped me decide a couple of races I was questioning my voting on
- the Republicans around here have set off my firecracker. " 

4.  I used to pride myself as an independent.  I often split my ticket, and would vote for non-major party 
candidates.  (I especially enjoyed voting for the Socialist Workers' party candidates for the board of regents 
of our local, suburban, lily-white university.  They never won, though.....)  Then Bush stole the presidency 
and his party decided I was un-American for exhibiting opinions opposite of those approved by the ONE PARTY.

I have been voting straight ticket since. 

Today I was chatting with a bunch of neighbors, and another one pulled up.  (We hang out on the curb, 
sort of like the gang in King of the Hill).  He was a Republican, but told me he could understand why people
would vote against McCain because of Bush policies.  (Everyone in the neighborhood knows my political views, 
because of the bumper stickers on my Jeep, now up to 20 or so, and the lawn signs.)  He couldn't understand, 
though, how anyone could vote a straight ticket.  I told him I did, and it was a "F*** you" to the Republican 
party which had told me I was un-American.  He laughed and said he saw my point.....

I'll be doing GOTV work all day tomorrow, an d working as a poll worker all day Tuesday.  I did GOTV 
last year, but this is my first time helping gin our nation's electoral process.  I read a while back that one of 
the best ways that people could help keep the vote fair was to get involved in the non-partisan aspect of voting. 
The average age of poll workers is 72 in this country, and many of them have trouble dealing with technology 
or complex legal issues involved in the right to vote.  It's not their fault, but they need help.  It's going to be a 
long, miserable day, as we don't have early voting in Michigan, and turnout will be huge.

One person I won't be voting for--our City Clerk.  She gave the talk at my training session, and I was very 
unimpressed with her. Her staff seemed on top of things, but she was not really up on election rights.  I, a newbie, 
actually corrected her (in the form of a question) on two points wrt voting rights.  My correction were based on 
the actual material she had given me that day and I was looking at as she was talking to us.  I mean, she didn't 
know her own material!!!!


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