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Subject: The better poker player

This is going to be decided by the party insiders. 

I love predictions.  You know what else I like?
Predictions with a cash penalty if you're wrong.

I makes for much more accurate predictions.

Hillary needs about 180 of the final 200. 

Yesterday, Obama conceded delegates to meet Hillary halfway. 
He didn't have to. 
According to Chuck Todd, he had the votes for a 50-50 split(1). 
He also urged his supporters not to protest. 
He comes across as classy, willing to unite.

I can understand how you'd see it that way.
If she can't catch him, why not give her all the delegates? 
Why fight if the game is already over?

Why not kiss and make up?

Hillary authorized Ickes to make a very angry denunciation of the Rules committee decision(2). 

That sounds like some pretty good mind-reading, there.
Hell, you even have the added benefit that you could be right.
Or, she could've told him, "Keep your cool and never surrender."

Her supporters got thrown out in the end for interrupting the meeting, chanting "Denver!". 

I heard the chants, didn't know they got thrown out.
Tell me, are demonstrations always wrong?

She comes across as crass, unwilling to compromise.

I can understand how you'd see it that way.

All this political theater played out before the party insiders. 
Who is really the better poker player?

I guess that depends on who wins, and if the game was rigged.
If they really give the undecided vote to Obama, 
(which sounds like a crime) we may never know who the better poker player was.

Hillary started January with a 100 chip lead. 
She's now losing by 200. Who's really the better poker player?

I guess that depends on who wins, and if the game was rigged.
Dude, when the last time you had your blood pressure checked?
And remember, you have the option of winning with grace.

P.S. Your media argument is horseshit because IT'S A GOOD THING FOR THE MEDIA 
TO LIKE YOUR CANDIDATE. Besides, if the media was such a detriment to her campaign 
that it alone cost her the primary against a one-term nobody senator, SHE HAS NO CHANCE 

Thanks for the all caps.


Are you saying the media will continue their Obama lovefest after Hillary's gone?
Good thing you're not a gambling man.

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