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Subject: stop your Obama whining

However you feel about Obama, his strategy is working and he is currently the front-runner by a healthy margin. 

All you have to do to confirm this is ignore national polls (which he leads consistently by 3-8 points) and 
look at the electoral composite. According to their figures, if the election were held today 
Obama would win with 289 electoral votes to 157 with 97 electoral votes being tossups.

It doesn't take a mathematical genius to figure out that even if EVERY toss-up state went to McCain 
(practically impossible) he would STILL lose. So you may not like his tactics, but they are working, for now. 
Also come the Repub convention McCain's hands are going to be tied financially, while Obama will have 
nearly unlimited funds due to his retreat from public financing.

Furthermore, Obama's campaign is fighting back on every line of attack. The Ad-wars are in full swing 
and he's not letting McCain have an inch of uncontested ground. You should be paying attention to this. 
I was surprised when I didn't see this Obama quote on your website:

" it's like these guys [the republicans] take pride in being ignorant" after they made fun of his 
statement about people inflating their tires.


You're worries are not founded in reality, and since you call yourself 
a hammer for truth it'd be great if you got on the boat for once.  

Currently I find you commentary to be really biased; it is frustrating to read from one of our own.

Gabe, I hope you're right about that.

I hope you write to me the day after the election and say,
"See, what did I tell you? I told you back on Aug 8 that he was going to win."

I really hope I get that e-mail from you.

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