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Subject: Can Obama win?

Bart, does anyone seriously think Obama has a chance in hell of winning the election? 
It's been over for months, ever since he gave his brilliant race speech which only 
succeeded in unifying the misogynists, homophobes, bigots, racists and religious whackos. 

And if you haven't noticed, the majority of the American public are idiots, have no idea 
of policies, issues, Constitutional crises, the law and could care less about politics. 

I've noticed that - I think that's why people say, "I'd rather have a beer with Bush,"
because they don't have to learn anything after picking their "favorite."

They're too busy watching reality TV and tracking the celeb-du-jour. Active progressives 
operate at a level of political understanding which does not apply to most of the country. 
Add into this mix ongoing voter disenfranchisement (military and in one of the 4-5 swing States, 
remember FL 2000, OH 2004), electronic voting machines (can you believe nothing has been 
done to correct this?), ReThug Secretaries of State in several swing States (i.e. Blackwell) 
and the corporate whore media. 

It's hard to believe the Democrats haven't bothered to secure our votes.

The only serious remaining question is who McCain will choose for VP, because McCain 
won't last the 4-year term. I'm still guessing Jeb Bush has a chance just before or at the RNC. 

I hate it when people say Jeb's gonna be involved in anything.

The U.S. has to complete its crash & burn under the current system of corporatism and 
cronyism before sometime in the distant future enough people wake up and are willing to 
take to the streets and restore our Republic. 
-- Peter in L.A.

Peter - let's hope we're both wrong.

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