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Subject: Michael O'Hanlon - An Argument He Just Might Lose

Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institute appeared on “Hardball” Monday to defend his

propaganda piece OpEd, “A War We Just Might Win” which appeared in Monday’s New York Times.
O’Hanlon and the co-author of the article, Kenneth Pollack, have been falsely labeled by much of the
media as being critical of the war in Iraq, when in fact they have been two of the biggest cheerleaders 
for the invasion and occupation from the beginning — and like most Bushies they have been wrong 
about almost everything. The OpEd, which contradicts O’Hanlon’s own research, while acknowledging 
that the political process has seen little success, uses cherry picked data to give the false impression that 
there is real progress being made militarily.

 In this clip O’Hanlon squares off with Brian Katulis from the Center For American Progress, who labeled 
the article exactly what it is - propaganda. Katulis does a fine job of exposing O’Hanlon, pointing out that 
the surge has failed because it hasn’t brought about the desired effect, which is a cohesive and functioning 
Iraqi government.sure would.

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