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Subject: oil spill conspiracy 

No doubt we are all tired of the events occurring due to this hideous oil spill, but the results are far more reaching
than most realize and the truth must be known - this is far more than a catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico.
That alone should be enough, however..........

Information has recently come to light indicating that one or two (very) small charges, probably C4, were planted
on the rig generating a spark which ignited the methane gas inside the well and of course the ensuing explosion and
leakage of oil. This was done by 'Mercs' (mercenaries) working for "the company" (CIA)  and for a number of reasons:
(1) Stop further oil drilling in the Gulf making America completely depended on foreign oil allowing the thugs and criminals
in the oil industry to continual stealing from us to the tune of $3.00 per gallon and more - since the hurricanes there are now
just two remaining rigs in business, down from 16

(2) Destroy the fisheries and crab industry in the Gulf putting thousands out of work and destroying the economy of
the Gulf region - the oil spill has thus far been quite successful in this endeavor

(3) the oil spill is being used a vehicle by which to test Martial Law procedures, see attached article

(4) Divert attention away from several unconstitutional, evil actions of the Government among them the recent
subversive attempt to take away the guns and ammo of all Registered gun owners in America via a UN Treaty
that Hillary Clinton and Obama bin Laden where trying to sneak through. The exposure of this attempt narrowly
averted a bloody civil war in America for such an attempt will cause just that. However, since the Federal Government
is looking for an excuse to declare Martial Law and flush what little is left of the Constitution you can expect another
attempt on our guns one day soon. From my perspective, you want my guns, come get them - please......
 Alpha O


I can see the Bush bastards trying that, but Obama?
It wouldn't be nice to subvert the Constitution and Obama's alllll about being nice.


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