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Gubment: We got OJ, ha ha ha
He's probably guilty, but this was a set up


Four other men charged in the case struck plea bargains that saved them from potential prison sentences
in return for their testimony. Some of them had criminal records or were otherwise compromised in some way.
One, for example, was an alleged pimp who testified he had a revelation from God telling him to take a plea bargain.

Memorabilia dealer Thomas Riccio, who arranged and secretly recorded the hotel-room confrontation,
said he netted $210,000 from the media for the tapes.

Similarly, minutes after the Sept. 13, 2007, incident, one of the alleged victims, sports-memorabilia dealer
Alfred Beardsley, was calling news outlets, and the other, Bruce Fromong, spoke of getting "big money" from the case.

Simpson's past haunted the case. Las Vegas police officers were heard in the recordings chuckling over
Simpson's misfortune and crowing that if Los Angeles couldn't "get" him, they would.

I've never seen a miscarriage of justice this bad in my whole life, but I must admit
I haven't had time to follow the case closely.

They gave almost everybody involved a complete walk if they'd testify against the guy who
probably got away with murder 13 years ago - how is that justice? You give the guys with guns
total immunity so you can get the guy who said, "I didn't know they had guns?"

If I remember right, they have tape recording from before, during and after the "crime," which 
means the guy who made the recordings got a free pass AND $210,000 to set up his old friend.

For all we know, they got OJ drunk and taunted him for hours.
"OJ, they stole your stuff, your precious memories and they'll get away with it because
 they think you're nothing but some stupid nigger who's going to let them walk all over you."

Let's say these "friends" worked on OJ, told him that again and again and when OJ finally got fed up,
they said, "Are you going to let them get away with this?" and then they turned on the tape recorder.

As always, we can't trust the whore press because they 're in on the action.
They paid $210,000 for the story - which explains why OJ's "friends" made the tapes.

The bastards with the tape recorder could've called police and prevented this "crime,"
but they knew they could make more money if they hung their old friend.

Sure, it's OJ and we all think he should rot, even tho we can't prove he did anything in 1995,
but in this "crime" a crime where nobody got hurt, he was set up and now he's going away.

We all "know" OJ is guilty, just like " we all knew" Paris Hilton was guilty. When the American 
whore media decide you're guilty, forget about justice and forget about the Constitution.

Justice in America is a f-ing joke - if you can't afford super-lawyers twice.
Justice in America is like a Zogby poll - you can get any result you can afford.

Someday, the government might come after you for a crime "we all know" you committed.
How will you feel when you get the same "justice" OJ got?

Can you believe the gunmen got immunity
to testify against an infamous man without a gun?

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