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Subject: Okies stealing land

Hey, I just saw Far and Away again and as I watched the heards of  festering new Okies from Europe 

...Okies from Europe?
Did you get into Mom's medicine cabinet again?

...claiming land as if it were going  away for free, I thought what native tribe did you kill.

I killed Tom Cruise's acting coach.

Is this still instilled into your culture Bart? 
Do you remember people killing each other for a flag on the prairies of Okahokafloozaloma? lol

I never killed anybody who didn't have it coming.

Bart, when I look back at that scene, I think of what savage breeds crawl the lands of mid west. 
And I  have driven and stayed on the  interstate 40, I think Oklahoma has a lot of denial.

You stayed on Interstate 40?
Most people just drive on it.

Your cargo culture is not sustainable bart. 

My what?
If you're talking about the junk in my trunk
I'll thank you to stare at something besides my ass.

How much GM corn can you eat? 
You never mention that though do you?

We get the best corn in the world, and yes, it's gentically modified to be juicier 
and taste better than last year's crop of corn - so I'm willing to live with that.
By the way, the Indians taught us how to grow corn.

So go blame the jews, its all our fault that oil and water consumption are at tipping points.
You know for you to post that APAC shit yesterday I have to say, fuck you!
 Russell the Unhinged

You see what happens when you mention the word "Israel?"
Sane and balanced people like Russell go all Uncle Arthur on you.

Dude, you're a credit to your race.

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