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Subject: my problem with OnStar

Hi Bart,
The problem I have with Onstar and related systems is pretty simple, they can be used to spy on a car, even to the point of turning on the internal microphone and listening to every word said inside the car.  The FBI has already used it in this fashion, and was told by a judge to cut it out, not because of invasion of privacy but because the safety features of Onstar at that time were disabled by this action.  We now have digital Onstar, which does not have the limitations of it's predecessor.

We should note that this was not some Patriot Act business, this was a simple criminal case.  Apparently the judge had no problem with the listening or tracking, just the disabling of the safety features.  Cell phones are also vulnerable, but at least you can pull the battery on them or leave them home.  With Onstar, you have it all the time.
Check this out:
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said Tuesday that the FBI is not legally entitled to remotely activate the system 
and secretly use it to snoop on passengers, because doing so would render it inoperable during an emergency.
Do you remember how we started with drug testing under Reagan?  How we were all promised it was never ever to be used for anything but testing airline pilots and bus drivers and all those other people who were in positions where they could endanger the public at large?  And how that expanded with requirements for testing in any company that does business with the Federal Government - after all, cooks working for KBR may have access to secrets!  And now we've got high schools demanding drug testing for after school activities.
Migod, there is no privacy or expectation of privacy at all now!
Onstar is going the same way, and so are cell phones.  It is very close to the point right now where Onstar 
and car computer records are going to be demanded for traffic court.  Or for tax court.
Does that creep you out?  Sixteen million to study a plan to require planting GPS in every car, and tax them all by how much mileage they actually drive.  And Onstar is the granddaddy of this piece of obscenity.  About ten minutes after that plan is implemented, you'll start getting traffic tickets by computer, since they tracked you speeding by remote control.
And that, for me, was the final nail in the Onstar coffin.  Cheaper insurance if they can watch where you drive, how fast you drive and how far you drive?   Think what some of the crazy Holy Joes could do with that!  Will anyone dare to go to Las Vegas ever again?  And it can be hacked, I guarantee.  Any computer system can be hacked.  
Luck to you Bart!

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