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Subject: Life in Oregon

Yes, Oregonians prefer wood houses, mostly because our chances of them blowing away are a lot, lot less. 
Two years ago we had a tornado that lasted two minutes and damaged a store, and was on local news for 2 days.

We are (over) due for a big earthquake, but we don’t dig earthquake shelters and keep them stocked.

You can’t walk around barefoot in Oregon.  Between banana slugs and blackberries,
you can’t walk 100 feet without saying ‘yuck’ or ‘ouch’.

Berries will stain your white sneakers, red, blue, or purple.  Maybe all three.

You can’t pump your own gas in the middle of winter, or summer, or anytime.

You have to pay 5 cents deposit for a can of beer, or pop, or (soon) water. 
You get it back, but still…

Pot laws are reasonable, soon to be legalized.

You never have to pay sales tax.  If something costs 99 cents, you get change for a buck.

Damn mountains have snow year around.

The coast smells like low tide about twice a day.

Freakin’ trees are all the wrong height, tall and every damn place.   ha ha

You can’t swing a dead cat around here without hitting either a coffee place or microbrewery.
Just kidding, You can’t swing a dead cat around here.

It is gray and green in the winter.   Blue and green in spring, summer, fall.   Mostly.

Oregon has a health plan and will only benefit from ACA.

It’s at least a thousand miles from any reelect Inhofe office.

Lowest church attendance n the US.

Our corn is not as high as an elephants eye.  More like a Pekinese thigh.

I hope this helps

Mac, you did good,

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