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Subject: Updated Oscar Odds and Ends...Huge Swing with Argo being a big favorite





I thought these odds may be of interest to you.  They’re courtesy of Bovada, (,  Twitter: @BovadaLV).


2013 Oscars

 “What looked like a two-way race for Best Picture has drastically changed over the last few weeks with Argo
currently a huge favorite to win Best Picture at 1-7 followed by Lincoln who went from odds on favorite to 5-1.

A lot of this has to do with how well Argo has fared in previous awards, but despite this Steven Spielberg remains
a 1-4 favorite to win Best Director.  The closest category seems to be Best Actress with Lawrence, Riva and
Chastain all very close in odds and we are taking bets on all three.”
 -Kevin Bradley, Sports Book Manager,


Oscars - Best Picture Winner  

Argo                                                                             1/7
Lincoln                                                                          5/1
The Silver Linings Playbook                                           25/1
Les Miserables                                                              50/1
Life of Pi                                                                      50/1
Django Unchained                                                         50/1
Zero Dark Thirty                                                            66/1
Amour                                                                          100/1
Beasts of the Southern Wild                                          100/1

Oscars - Best Director Winner

Steven Spielberg (Lincoln)                                             1/4
Ang Lee (Life of Pi)                                                       4/1
David O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook)                     14/1
Michael Haneke (Amour)                                                14/1
Benh Zeitlin (Beasts of the Southern Wild)                      40/1


Oscars - Best Actor Winner    

Daniel Day-Lewis - Lincoln                                             1/50
Hugh Jackman - Les Miserables                                     10/1
Joaquin Phoenix - The Master                                        33/1
Denzel Washington - Flight                                            40/1
Bradley Cooper - Silver Linings Playbook                       40/1


Oscars - Best Actress Winner 

Jennifer Lawrence - Silver Linings Playbook                    4/7
Emannuelle Riva - Amour                                               11/4
Jessica Chastain - Zero Dark Thirty                                15/4
Naomi Watts - The Impossible                                        33/1
Quvenzhane Wallis - Beasts Of The Southern Wild          50/1


Oscars - Best Supporting Actor Winner          

Tommy Lee Jones - Lincoln                                           5/4
Christoph Waltz - Django Unchained                               5/4
Robert DeNiro - Silver Linings Playbook                         13/2
Phillip Seymour Hoffman - The Master                            15/2
Alan Arkin - Argo                                                           40/1


Oscars - Best Supporting Actress Winner       

Anne Hathaway - Les Miserables                                    1/50
Sally Field - Lincoln                                                       14/1
Helen Hunt - The Sessions                                             25/1
Amy Adams - The Master                                               25/1
Jacki Weaver - Silver Linings Playbook                          50/1


Oscars - Best Adapted Screenplay Winner      

Chris Terrio - Argo                                                                                 2/3
Tony Kushner - Lincoln                                                                          5/4
David O. Russell - Silver Linings Playbook                                             8/1
David Magee - Life Of Pi                                                                       33/1
Lucy Alibar & Behn Zeitlin - Beasts Of The Southern Wild                        40/1


Oscars - Best Original Screenplay Winner      

Quentin Tarantino - Django Unchained                                                    1/1
Mark Boal - Zero Dark Thirty                                                                  7/4
Michael Haneke - Amour                                                                        5/2
Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola - Moonrise Kingdom                       22/1
John Gatins - Flight                                                                               33/1


Oscars - Best Animated Feature Film 

Wreck-It Ralph                                       1/1
Brave                                                    13/10
Frankenweenie                                      10/3
ParaNorman                                          33/1
The Pirates! Band of Misfits                   50/1


Oscars - Best Foreign Film     

Amour                                                  1/50
A Royal Affair                                       10/1
Kon-Tiki                                                18/1
No                                                        25/1
War Witch                                             33/1


Oscars - Best Documentary Feature    

Searching for Sugar Man                       1/15
The Gatekeepers                                   9/1
How to Survive a Plague                        10/1
The Invisible War                                   14/1
5 Broken Cameras                                 40/1


Oscars - Best Original Score  

Life Of Pi - Mychael Danna                    10/11
Lincoln - John Williams                          11/10
Skyfall - Thomas Newman                      12/1
Anna Karenina - Dario Marianelli             12/1
Argo - Alexandre Desplat                       18/1


Oscars - Best Original Song   

Skyfall - Skyfall                                     1/10
Suddenly - Les Miserables                     5/1
Pi's Lullaby - Life of Pi                          20/1
Before My Time - Chasing Ice                20/1
Everybody Needs A Best Friend - Ted    33/1


Oscars - Best Visual Effects   

Life of Pi                                              1/20
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey     7/1
Prometheus                                          20/1
The Avengers                                        20/1
Snow White and the Huntsman               40/1


Oscars - Best Costume Design

Anna Karenina                                       1/4
Les Miserables                                      3/1
Lincoln                                                  10/1
Mirror Mirror                                          20/1
Snow White and the Huntsman               33/1


Oscars - Best Makeup 

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey     4/9
Les Miserables                                      2/1
Hitchcock                                             10/1


Thanks for taking the time to read these. 

Jimmy Shapiro
Sports Publicist

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