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 Subject: Jimmy Page vs Jeff Beck

Bart, you wrote:

> When Page is done, (1:58) Clapton looks at Beck as if to say,
> "Holy fuck, did you see that? We need to play a lot better 
>  if we're going to keep up with him."

> Clapton knew who the best guitarist was onstage that night.

I thought I saw Clapton look over and go “What freaking key 
did that guy think we were playing in?   What a hot mess!”

 ha ha 

Granted, mind-reading is more of an art than a science :)

I was unimpressed with that solo by Page. 
Page was out of key and playing fairly randomly – not Miles Davis randomly. 
Just playing crappy.  My opinion…

I feel luke a religious nut - I can't believe everyone doesn't see the magic.
Maybe Jimmy's exclusive tuning is what confused you?

It *IS* all opinion who the best pop/rock guitarist is.

For sure - it'd like "the prettiest girl."
I liked Kate Jackson when everyone else was all about Farrah.
Kate was the one who could spell and add - that did it for me.
Who'd you like?

Page is not my favorite.  Creative yes but not at all the best in my opinion. 
Clapton plays the smoothest lines. 

Clapton puts me to sleep. Fastidious and precise, like a picky guitar teacher.
I hate that metronomic rock n roll.

Beck is a monster. 

Beck is a monster - more than worthy to help load Jimmy's amps.
He should get a special award for the one slow song on Blow by Blow.

Howe is pretty untouchable. 
Harrison had one of the sweetest slide styles. 
Del Castillo is pretty good.  Either or both.

Seems like each show, the DC Brothers have their own Battle of the Guitars,
where Mark will play something then Rick will counter with something better,
so then mark plays something better and it keeps going for a while.

If we had a Bartfest at a Del Castillo show,
we could argue about which brother is better :)

But don’t forget Al Di Meola and Paco De Lucia

Can't forget Al & Paco... 

Or add John McLaughlin to the pair and see real fireworks

I was a music major with these guys and studied with and under and played with

Andy York (he also plays jazz but I couldn’t find a youtube of that – he taught me jazz guitar)

Butch Taylor playing a piano solo start about 0:50

Leroi Moore (Sax)

I was a music major before I switched over to computer science…

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