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Subject: Iowa war protester takes stand against IRS


To some during this election season, the war in Iraq has taken a back seat to the troubled economy.

Not to Mike Palecek.

The longtime anti-war activist and self-published author from Sheldon refused to file
an income tax return, and this month, the government responded.

The Internal Revenue Service received his crossed-out tax form this spring with his letter: 
"President Bush has chosen to spend our tax dollars on war and killing while cutting spending 
on social programs. As a Christian, I cannot go along with this. I must protest."

The IRS took a dim view of his prose and earlier this month sent a return letter to Palecek 
telling him he had 30 days to correct his submission or face a $5,000 fine for "frivolous filing."

"I'm against paying money for killing," said Palecek, who was featured in IowaLife in March 
after a nationwide tour for his books critical of government policies. "It's counter to what Christianity is all about."

Mike Palecek is a good friend and advertiser on
Mike, be careful with the IRS - remember, they got Al Capone when the feds couldn't.

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