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Subject: Palin must be a bisexual

Palin says that her 'best' friend "made a choice" about a relationship that she, Sarah, did not make. 
So let me get this "straight."  She is saying that she had more than one option when it came to love. 
So her options are:

1)       love a man
2)       love a woman

Palin chose the former. However, she COULD HAVE chosen the latter, but didn't (like her friend).

Doesn't that make her bisexual?
Did you make a choice Bart? 
Is the thought of kissing a man "sort of gross" to you? 

Unless he has really pretty eyes  :)

If so, you didn't make a choice. You are merely heterosexual.

I swear, I am so tired of this choice shit that the right wing comes up with.
I still remember what John Kerry didn't say when the moderator asked Bush 
if being gay was a choice. (Bush (bisexual) said he didn't know if it was a choice)

Kerry could have said, "I don't know about the president, but I personally don't have a choice. 
I am attracted to women and always have been. Born that way."

But nooooooooooooooo, what does John Kerry say? 
"Dick Cheney's daughter is gay . . . "

How hard is this to figure out anyway?

Palin said the same thing on the abortion issue - that Bristol "chose" to have a baby,
but she's try to take that choice away from every other pregnant woman in America.

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