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Subject: Problems with Palin

Bart, well at least Palin is not Jeb Bush. 
I could not be happier that my greatest fear was not realized. 
Although I'm not sure Palin is much better.

Pete, slight correction:  She's not Jeb yet. 

Subject: Problems with Palin


If you stand back far enough to not notice Sarah Palin as being the airhead white trash 
person she is and look at the big picture you can see that she is corporate America's dream prez.

She's clueless and those poor over taxed corporations would run the country once Johnny boy croaks.

The only wild card is how many people are stupid enough to elect McCain and Palin. 
Reading the repo's blogs, they couldn't seem to be happier. Hell if they are told to be 
happy about a canned ham being selected for VP they get real happy anyway. 
Wait, wait... oops we have had a canned ham in he Oval Office for eight years!

Maybe Wall-Mart will start posting giant photos of Plain in their stores? 
Here she is! Dumb like you!

The really scary thing about Palin is : Who in their right friggin mind would feel secure
with this dipshit having the launch codes for WWIII?

I guess the bible humpers think Armageddon would be cool but I have been hoping 
for retirement rather than nuclear annihilation..

This is the worthless sack of DNA protein that McCain thinks could fill his shoes....

Maybe the whack job right-wingers will get a God slap like dumbass James Dobson did... 
Dobson prays for a storm to cancel Obama's outdoor acceptance speech and the weather 
is perfect but apparently God decided it was time to remind all of those assholes in 
Minneapolis via Gustav, what their party stood for three years ago to date in New Orleans...

Two months to perp walk Palin....
Go God Go!


Subject: Problems with Palin

So why did McCain pick a Cretinist instead of Hilary?  lol

Subject: Problems with Palin

Quayle won and she will too.
 Carson the Mopnkey

Subject: Problems with Palin

Did anyone besides me notice the Sarah Palin looks and 
sounds like Grace's rich secretary on Will and Grace? 

Megan Mullally is a very funny lady and a good actor 
but I don't think her clone is qualified to be VP.
 Bill in Dallas

 ha ha

Jon Stewart said the same thing.

Subject: Problems with Palin

McCain gave the Democratic party a gift with Palin. 
He picked the only Republican in the country with less experience than Obama.
 Ray in Gillespie

Subject: Problems with Palin

Here's the question our whore press should be asking Sarah Palin or any of 
the republican hypocrites who pretend to applaud this situation: 
"What example does Bristol Palin set for all teenage girls in this country?"

Subject: Problems with Palin

Understand that under fundamentalism, every word in the Bible is inspired by God, infallible and perfect. 
Therefore, the action of Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol is fornication, a sin.

"But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother 
  be a fornicator with such a one do not eat."
  1 Corinthians 5:11

So, once one is born again, the proper thing is not to fellowship with such a person. 
Bristol should be disallowed from church, and the family dinner table.

Of course all sane churches are more compassionate, but we're talking what 
the Bible literally says, which fundamentalists claim they follow. 

Subject: Problems with Palin

"She's not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president? 
Look at what she's done to this state. What would she do to the nation?" 
   -- Alaska State Senate President Lyda Green (R):  (Green is from Palin's home town

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