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Subject: Palin comparison

Where the hell did McCain find her? 
Did she pop out of his birthday cake?

Subject: Problems with Palin

As a long time Hillary fan I was still gong to vote for Obama but it was with a heavy heart. 
But since McBush named Palin as his running mate I now feel I will have to do whatever it takes 
to defeat those gop bastards.

Does he really think women are that stupid? How dare he put this country in the hands of someone 
who's experience is non existent and a polar bear hater. I now can put up signs in my yard and drive 
my friends insane with why they have to agree with me once more. Thanks John you have inspired me.

Now as for you Bart don't ever let those Bastards get you down. 
That's why I'm a long time subscriber because you make every page a delight.


Subject: Problems with Palin

Bart, at least when I had PTSD from Vietnam I just spent 10 years drinking and doing lots of drugs. 
I'm much better now, I no longer live mentally live in Vietnam and I'm rational enough not to pick a VP 
who has been the governor a shorter period of time than I've been running for president.

Let it be a lesson to the kids, if you have PTSD don't run for president.
 Eric X

Subject: Palin worse than Stockdale

Admiral Stockdale wasn't a particularly good choice, but he never took himself seriously as a VP candidate. 
I think I recall that he'd only let his name be placed on the ticket as a place holder to qualify for ballots with 
early deadlines. When he said "What the hell am I doing here?" it was more an indictment of a process that 
had gone terribly wrong than a lack of self-awareness. 

He, too, had suffered at the hands of the Vietnamese. He actually seemed more with it than some of our
more recent presidential candidates. Over the years I've come to respect him as a man in spite of his 
inappropriateness as a candidate. At least he legitimately made Admiral.


Subject: Problems with Palin

Anxiety-prone liberals are already lining up to make Palin out to be a threat. 
Example from one of Alternet's Nervous Nellies:

"Besides her Feminists for Life affiliation, Palin is herself a mother. In fact, she decided to keep her fifth child 
even after knowing it would be born with developmental disabilities. Imagine it: debating a female candidate
-- a mother -- who can say, "I had a choice, and I chose life." That's the challenge Biden will face."

This is so damn easy, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Biden's response: "Yes. You had a choice, Sarah. 
But you don't trust other American women to make that choice. You want to force them to make
YOUR choice.  That's not how it works here in America, a country that prizes individual freedom.
It is countries like Communist China that dictate to women how many children they may choose to have."

I doubt Joe Biden needs any help from me to figure this out, but hoping our side can stop the hand-wringing
and start fighting back instead of wasting time anticipating what the big meanie Republicans are going to do. 
Palin is a corrupt Republican with zero credibility or qualifications as potential leader of the free world. 
To call her Dan Quayle in a dress is giving her WAY TOO MUCH credit.
  ---Joanne From Wisconsin

Subject: Problems with Palin

Bart, she's Danielle Quayle
 David S

Subject: Problems with Palin


Robin, good point.
When Palin & McCain are together it'll remind people
of Anna Nicole Smith and her old coot husband. 

Subject: Problems with Palin

Bart I am an Alaskan resident.
Although I think it was stupid of McCain and I have said to my friend months ago that 
I didn't want the mayor of Wasilla ( she's been our governor for about ten minutes) a heartbeat 
away from the presidency,she's not some dumb whore and I doubt there are any nude pictures 
of her on the internet.I'm asking you to go easy on the personnal attacks. 

She has fought corruption since she came into office.She took on the big wigs especially 
Frank Murkowski and kicked his ass.I have already emailed that clueless cunt trapper john about it. 
Please get your facts straight on this person.
I'm not even voting for them but she isn't a corrupt dumb female Dan Quayle.
 Bill from Alaska

 Bill, it was a joke. 

Subject: Problems with Palin

Hey Bart, NPR did a story on Palin Friday that said that 24 hours before the Palin announcement 
that her wikipedia Bio. had been altered to make her sweet and wholesome! The guy thats in charge 
of such things on wikipedia said that this was very suspect as nothing had ever been changed in her 
Bio before and that the changes were made by someone with the same name as one of her sons! 
Wish I knew more for you. 
 Mike In Texas 


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