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Palin, Wahhabism and Hate Talk radio
 Can anybody tell the difference?

Watching Moyers outstanding show on hate talk radio - see "Rage on the Radio"

You know, Americans rightfully complain about the Saudis supporting Wahhabi conservative Muslim schools that teach hate. We see how in the future this hate conditioning will be a blight to the world. What about our corporations supporting hate talk radio which is just as bad, if not worse, for they reach tens of millions every day and condition their listeners also?

What's the difference? They both deceive, they both use a facade of religion and nationalism as the underpinnings to their deceptions - they both distort religion to manipulate people and to support their political aims.

You know, Rush speaks to his listeners 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, for the last 20 years - Koresh didn't condition his followers that much! Now add to that all the Rush wannabees trying to outdo each other....

If you missed it, Palin was on hate radio last January in Alaska. Now here's your Palin framing issue. Palin is a crude, childish person who supports hate talk as this plainly shows.

She displays as the editorial below says - "conduct unbecoming a human being, never mind a governor."


Published: January 27th, 2008 01:12 AM

The governor's appearance on KWHL's "The Bob and Mark Show" last week is plain and simple one of the most unprofessional, childish and inexcusable performances I've ever seen from a politician.

Anchorage DJ Bob Lester unleashed a vicious, mean-spirited, poisonous attack on Senate President Lyda Green last week while our governor was live on the air with him. <...>

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner editorial writers demanded the governor apologize. The Juneau and Ketchikan papers also ran the editorial.

The Daily News opinion page addressed the governor's gaffe. They wrote "She came off looking immature herself, almost high-schoolish. It was conduct unbecoming a governor."

It was conduct unbecoming a human being, never mind a governor.

The governor's office eventually tried to spin the public relations disaster, releasing a statement reading, "Governor Palin was caught off guard by Bob Lester's reference to Senate President Lyda Green."

I don't buy it. <...>

But there's strong evidence Palin did condone Lester's name-calling. At the end of Lester making fun of Green as a mother, calling her a cancer, twice, and saying she has to go; after calling the senator a b----, making fun of her weight, and accusing Green of being jealous and hateful; after all of that, Lester ends the conversation offering to visit Palin.

How does Palin respond? "I'd be honored to have you." <...> 

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