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Palin, Pelosi and Israel
It's the end of American democracy  by ljbk

I am in SHEER PANIC MODE.   McInsane, following his "G. W. in a skirt" VP (Sarah Palin) pick,  
has CLOSED the polling gap with Obama, and is even up, 48% to 45%, in at least poll.
Since Obama needs to win by at least 5% to overcome the Rethug election-stealing machine,  this is bad news.
Since Obama needs to overcome the BILLIONS of federal government (taxpayer) dollars at cheney & bush's disposal,  this is bad news.
Since Obama needs to overcome the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of corporate dollars available to the corporate execs who back   
Cheney-Bush's  "round 'em up, whip 'em, hang a few, and put 'em back on the plantation" agenda,   this is bad news.
    Hell....  just to prove that, if anything, I am understating the above,  While Cheney and Bush were (all but) censored from showing up at the GOP con-vention in Minneapolis,  Dick Cheney went off on his Warmonger's tour,  literally handing out BILLION DOLLAR BILLS to prop up his little warmongering puppet, NY lawyer educated Mikhail Saakashvili, in Georgia.    Saakashvili gained power in 2003 by the Soros/NGO/CIA/Mossad funded "popular protests"  "Rose Revolution."    He immediately installed American and Israeli "security" experts as his military "advisers", and started spending A FORTUNE  re-arming Georgia to be a two-bit military power.   Naturally,  with America's neo-con PUPPET installed in Georgia, bleeding the economy dry in the usual bush-cheney-rumsfeld-wolfowitz manner, the Georgians started getting uppity, and staged an even HUGER  _peaceful protest_    to get rid of their new dictator Napoleon wanna-be.  (Oh wait... since this is GEORGIA we are talking about,  maybe "STALIN wanna-be" is the better metaphor.) 

  NO PROBLEM!  Just call out your US & Israel trained, supplied, and (partially) Financed army, and CRUSH the peaceful, democratic protests,   Dick Cheney,  Michael Chertoff, George Bush, and Michael Mukasey style.    
   And then, in a touch near and dear to Dick Cheney's dark, treasonous heart,  accuse the opposition leaders of "TREASON!"  run Soviet/KGB  secret trials, and convict 'em in Kangaroo courts without a lick of public discussion allowed or tolerated.
   Having dispersed the protesters with tear gas, billy clubs, and arrests in Nov. 2007,  by August 2008,  Saakashvili is prepared to.... use the international PEACEFUL COOPERATION of the Beijing Olympics as PR cover to LAUNCH A WAR, a war whose opening punch is a salvo of expensive US or Israel manufactured "MLRS"  'multiple-launch" rockets  that reign down like a heavy bomber salvo on South Ossetia civilians, towns, and apartment blocks.
     But THAT isn't the most DESPICABLE part.
  The Most Despicable part is that ALL THE DAMN DC  DEMORATS  jump on the REPUBLICAN "RUSSIA STARTED THE WAR!"  bandwagon,   and stepped up to the microphone to support Dick Cheney's murderous puppet in Georgia.
 Even worse than that   THAT GOD DAMNED ______!   Nancy Pelosi    PRETENDS NOT TO NOTICE  that Cheney is traveling all over Eastern Europe and Central Asia - the former Republics and Warsaw Pact members of the former Soviet Union -  to PROD OTHER Russia-hating Saakashvilis  to RE-ARM, SUBORDINATE THEIR citizens and economies to the Naziesque "hyper-nationalism/re-arm/warmongering  agendas,  all so Dick Cheney can tighten the world stranglehold on his  anaconda oil strangulation strategy.
      You know, Bart, we Democrats like to view KATHERINE HARRIS as CRUELLA deVILLE,  evil in a leapord- or puppy-skin fur coat...
  but Katherine Harris IS A PIKER compared to Nancy Pelosi.  When Harris helped Jeb & George steal all those thousands of Florida minority votes, it really seemed like Cheney and W. could DO NO HARM to the US economy or national security.
  PELOSI  PRETENDS TO IGNORE the ELEPHANT CHAIN of Cheney-Bush CRIMINAL CORRUPTIONS,   and now Pelosi PRETENDS TO IGNORE  DICK CHENEY (and karl rove and randy scheuneman and the other Israel neo-cons)   ACTUALLY STARTING WARS with American taxpayer dollars.
  This represents a SEA CHANGE  from   the "war on terra".
   The war  on terra of course gave cheney & bush and the lieberman-wolfowitz-kristol  neo-cons their  self-granted  BLANCK CHECK to START WARS in MUSLIM countries.
   Now,  cheney, lieberthug, & co.  RESERVE THE RIGHT TO START WARS in CHRISTIAN countries, too.
   You know... just like Catherine de Medici,  Queen of France, sponsoring and funding the ST. BARTHOLEMEW's MASSACRE of  French Huegenots (Protestants)  by French Catholics back in 1572.'s_Day_massacre
  This article presents Catherine as being in over her head in the internecine wars between French noble families and the French crown, even though she managed to have three of her sons  made king of France.
  Well, there you have it, Bart.    Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, Rockefeller, Feinstein, and even Biden, Clinton, and other DC "Democrat"  "leaders" PRETEND NOT TO NOTICE  Republican election-thievery, and now   STARTING WARS ALL OVER  Central Asia/Eastern Europe that Dastardly Dick and the Neo-Cons will be able to SUCK AMERICA IN TO  full-time....  as a matter of "national insecurity" of course.
    Just like GOP con-vention 2008,  all you need do is, Nazi propaganda style, just present ONE SIDE of the story in the entirely captive (whore)  US media,  CENSOR  any mention of Cheney's  INCITING WAR, and, PRESTO!   we have a WHOLE NEW ROUND of WARS  American taxpayers must fund, wars that, like Saakashvili in Georgia, give the Cheney Homeland Security/Blackwater SS  an excuse to ramp up their concentration camps (er, "holding camps") and secret gulags - and SIEZE PROPERTY from ANY  citizens they want,  merely citing EXISTING  police seizure powers.
  ALL THIS MADE POSSIBLE by PELOSI,   America's CRUELLA de Ville,  who in an attempt to get her babies (DC Democrats)  into power, will actually HAND OVER  MASSIVE quantities of  NO RESTRAINT power to Cheney and the GOP.
  Well,  I'll later refine this sad lament, this dirge for America's democracy, with more photos and links,  especially the photos of Georgia's  huge PEACEFUL  anti-Saakashvili protests,  and then the MASSIVE USE OF POLICE and US trained "Special Forces" to bust up the protests,  the links to Saakashvili's  kangaroo court  _TREASON_  trials,  the photos of the US MLRS missiles starting the war,  and some photos of all the CORPSES  US and Israel weapons  killed, people who WERE ALIVE, before Pelosi GAVE  CHENEY, ROVE, RICE, Scheuneman, & crew  THE CASH and FREE PASS they needed to START ANOTHER WAR.

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