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Who vetted the unqualified beauty queen with all the scandals?


A series of disclosures about McCain's beauty queen has called into question how thoroughly 
McCain had examined her background before putting her on the Republican presidential ticket.

In his biggest decision so far, McCain strikes out - and he struck out with America's safety at stake.

Monday, the beauty queen said her 17-year-old unmarried daughter, Bristol, was five months 
pregnant and that she intended to marry the father.

Intended to marry the father?
What are they waiting for - Halloween?
They should've eloped to Las Vegas in the days before McCain introduced Mom.

And is the beauty queen's pregnant daughter any of our business?
Sure, because Mom's religiously insane which causes her to think that abstinence 
is the most effective way to prevent pregnancies - and look at the results she got.

Our trained adult soldiers and sailors get pregnant all the time, 
but we expect high school kids to "just say no?" 

If Grandpa and the Beauty Queen win, how many thousands of pregnancies and how many
thousands of abortions will occur because the Republicans refuse to face the facts of life?

When did ignoring a problem ever make it go away?

Also in the news: Miss Alaska now has a private lawyer in a legislative ethics investigation into 
whether she abused her power in dismissing the state's public safety commissioner; that she was 
a member for two years in the 1990s of the Alaska Independence Party, which has at times sought 
a vote on whether the state should secede; and that Mr. Alaska was arrested on a drunken-driving charge.

ha ha

Make them stop!

Aides to McCain said they had a team on the ground in Alaska now to look more 
thoroughly into Miss Alaska's background. A Republican with ties to the campaign said the team assigned 
to vet ABQ (Alaska's Beauty Queen) in Alaska had not arrived there until Thursday, a day before McCain 
stunned the Republican party with his beauty queen VP choice. The campaign was still calling Republican 
operatives as late as Sunday night asking them to find out who ABQ really is.

Obviously, Old Man River makes decisions just like Bush - first he makes his decision and then looks 
around to see what the facts are and then he ignores those facts and declares his choice was a great one.

We can't afford another seat-of-his-pants Decider, can we?

Although the McCain campaign said that Old Man River knew about ABQ's mountain of problems 
before he asked her mother to join him on the ticket and that he did not consider it disqualifying, top aides 
were vague on Monday about how and when he had learned of the pregnancy, and from whom.

Translation: He didn't know, but his hands are tied.
What could he say, "I was tricked by this crazy bitch?"

ha ha

Make them stop!

While there was no sign that her formal nomination this week was in jeopardy, (Stop it!!!) the questions 
swirling around ABQ on the first day of NaziCon 2008, already disrupted by Hurricane Gustav, brought 
anxiety to those Fascist bastards who worried that Democrats would use the selection of McCain's Third Wife
to question McCain's sanity, wisdom and judgment and his ability to make crucial decisions.

Would a Democrat do that?
Would a Democrat take advantage of his opponents mistakes, blunders and fuck-ups?
We're known for refusing to list the facts - what makes anyone think we'd start fighting back now?

At the least, Republicans close to the campaign said it was increasingly apparent that ABQ 
had been selected as OMR's running mate with more haste than McCain advisers initially described.

Translation: McCain didn't take this huueueueueuegely important decision seriously.
It seems like he was thinking, "I'll name a woman and grab Hillary's 18M voters," like an idiot.

Up until last week, some 48 to 72 hours before OMR introduced his ABQ at a Friday rally in Ohio, 
OMR was still holding out the hope that he could choose a pro-choicer like Kissyface or Tom Ridge.

Gosh, that's a tough break.
OMR's top choices believe in women's rights, so they were disqualified right off the bat.
My sources say Kay Bailey Hutchifelon was considered, but she, too, is pro women's rights.

By the way, did you know Old Man River only met ABQ once?

And he decided to turn America's safety and America's future over to 
the unqualified, currupt beauty queen with all the scandals?

"I fucked everything up!
 I'm so mad I could shit myself!"

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