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Paris Hysteria

The most hated woman in American can certainly stir the emotions,
but some of us think today's issues can better be addressed by fairness and logic.

I haven't had much time to think about it, but I'd say last Friday 
was the most hatred I've ever seen - if you don't count 9-11.

Early in the OJ "crisis," I'd say the country was split 60/40 innocent.
During the trial, it shifted to maybe 60/40 guilty, and now it's probably 80/20 guilty.
During impeachment, Clinton's approval was 70%, so that not a contender.
Hillary's former status as "most hated woman in America" is long, long gone.
Even Scott Peterson and Jeffrey Dalmer were less hated than Paris Hilton.

They had to bury John Kennedy Jr at sea, because the hateful bastards of the GOP 
would certainly deface and defile his grave, wberever it was, but JFK Jr was only 
hated by half the country - but Paris is hated by almost every American.
Never before has an entire country gathered together to hate a woman like this.

By the way, have you ever read The Ox-Bow Incident?

It was really hard to watch TV Friday afternoon.
Like Jodie Foster bent backwards over a pinball machine, the American whore media lined up 
to take their turn raping Paris Hilton on live TV - and it was not a pretty thing to watch..
She's the first woman to be raped live on TV.

The rapists with cameras and microphones keep squealing, 
"She'll be bigger than ever when she comes out," but I doubt that.
They say, "She'll write a book, and the Paris Hilton movie will break records."

She'll never be the same - the Paris Hilton you've come to hate is dead.
And I'm sure that makes 90% of this sadistic country stand up and cheer, which is sick.
Incredibly, she came back from that betrayal sex tape, but I can't see her coming back from this.
I don't think she'll be on the party circuit a year from now.

If she gets out of this with her sanity, she'll probably have to leave the country.
Maybe she can find a place in France or Spain where she can live the rest of her life.

As far as I'm concerned there's only one question:

Should Paris Hilton be treated like any other defendant
or should she be treated worse than other defendants
because she's the most hated woman in America?

In my opinion she should be treated no more harshly than any other defendant. 
I think when people change the subject, they are actually agreeing with me,
because if they treat her like any other defendant - their arguments fall apart. 

"Bart, do you know how many people die from alcohol each year?"
"Bart, do you know that whore paid for a tan that one night she was out of jail?"
"Bart, I'll never read you again because you think that slut should be treated fairly."
"Bart, do you know how much money that skanky bitch has?"

These are not serious arguments in this case.
They might be interesting topics once we change the subject,
but for now, the question is, "Should she be treated worse than anyone else?"

Bottom Line: The LA jail doctors said she was close to having a nervous breakdown, but she spent the 
weekend in jail when she shouldn't be and everyone's OK with that, even those liberals to my left.
Not only is everyone OK with that, they're openly laughing at the situation, "because she's such a slut."

I'm so old, I remember when liberals had compassion.

So if you want to argue - stick to the facts.
Fact: She's in jail because the judge had a fight with the sheriff.

If you disagree with me when I say she should be treated no worse than other people
then what credibility will you have commenting on any future criminal case?

Subject: defending Paris

Well Bart, I gotta say toodles.
I just can't stomach to see you defend the spoiled brat Paris again.

Can you answer a question?
If you, Smokey Dan, were the most hated person in America and you were getting
a raw deal from some local judge, would you want me to stick up for you on principle?
Or would you want me to join the mob that was calling for your head?

I got a lot of mail like yours. I could've jumped on the "Let's hang her"bandwagaon 
Is that what you want me to do?
Write what the majority wants to hear?
Have you ever read what the majority wants to hear on
Why should this case be different?

She's reaping the fruits of her iniquities. She has shown nothing but contempt for the law.
Also the judge ordered in his initial ruling no electronic detention, or reduced time.

It's my opinion the judge broke the law and will get overturned, maybe as soon as today.
Want to bet that I'm wrong about that?

Maybe if she had ever shown a thread of decency, instead of her vacuous self serving side
more people would not hate her. Sleazy people are seldom well liked.
Let's not forget her racist, ramblings, and disdain for the lower classes.

She's not in jail for "racist, ramblings, and disdain..."
She's in jail because so many people hate her, they pressured a judge with a tiny penis - so I'll ask again.
If you were the most hated person in America, what would you want me to write about your case?

Oh and you are more than welcome to make pokes at my sexuality as you did to others the other day.
Your quote was along the lines of those who dislike Paris only do so because they wish she did for them
what she did on video. What'd she do? Gave a half ass blow job and yack on a damn phone while having sex?
What a turn on.

I asked a question about the cause or source of this irrational hatred.
Is that last paragraph your answer to my question?

If you hate her so much, why did you watch the video?
(For the record, I haven't seen the video where she's on the phone.)

You can fuck that cyborg if you want.
I don't want to touch something that's more man made than natural.

Nobody asked you to.
Why did you feel it was important to volunteer that strange information?

It's your opinion, and you have plenty of right to say as you so wish.
I however do not have to hear it.
 Smokey Dan

Smokey Dan, be my guest - hate Paris Hilton 'til the mountains crumble into the sea.
Hate her until there's just no more hate in you to give - it's OK by me.

Funny, in all the years I've been doing this, you've never written once about Bush,
but your hatred for Paris motivated you to finally write and introduce yourself.
Does that mean being a "man made cyborg" is more outrageous than killing 3500 soldiers?

Send e-mail to Bart

The campaign to keep Paris in jail
 Who gains if this commands all media attention?


Hilton’s time in the limelight has coincided with the deepening of popular discontent 
with the war in Iraq, corporate corruption, official moves toward a police state and 
the destruction of secure jobs on a mass scale.

To help retard the development of a rational opposition to the current political and 
social state of affairs, the media cultivates an artificial hostility toward much easier targets. 
A seething but politically confused population is fed victims, sacrificial lambs, so to speak, 
while the real criminals go about their business.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Bart, you ignorant slut

Your defense of Paris is puzzling: 
She is a self absobed trustfund baby, basically skating through life with no regard
for the laws we "little people" have to follow, and you seem to defend her. 
Yet, a certain cretin with the same credentials, namely Commander Codpiece, 
doesn't get the same pass!

Keep making the pie higher!

I wish I had a dollar for each e-mail that said Paris and Bush are the same..

 Send e-mail to Bart


"The only thing I can detect as special treatment is the amount of her sentence."
  -- Sheriff Lee Baca, wondering how a simple "book and release"
      turned into, "It's time somebody taught that rich bitch a lesson."    Link

The Sheriff is under orders from a federal judge to NOT have a crowded jail.
He says he has no choice but to release the least violent criminals to comply

In the last five years, the LA Sheriff's Department has released more than 200,000 
inmates early, including some who ended up committing murders and other serious crimes 
when they otherwise would have been behind bars.    Link

So, some inmate was released to make room for PH - I wonder what his/her crime was?

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Your Love of Tramp Paris Hilton


You seem to be so sad that your little honey Paris has gone back to jail. 
In crazy Bartworld every girl with long blond hair gets to murder people without facing consequences. 

I forgot about the people Paris murdered - sorry.

Your comment that "the incarcerated scumbags didn't have time to rough her up" is the 
most ridiculous statement ever.  This slutty bitch needs to be "roughed up". 

I'll bet you're just the guy who could do it, too...
Think you could take her?

I hope a bunch of those "scumbags" get ahold of a broomstick and a key to her cell. 
She might not act like such a better-than-though prissy bitch anymore after that. 

Sal, you speak for most Americans, that's for sure.
(Do you think broomstick rape is harsh enough?)

Koresh, I'm so proud to be an American today.

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Paris back in jail

Bart, how could you not get it about Paris?

You just called me stupid.
Why would you begin this conversation acting like a pinata?
Do you want the candy smacked out of you?

Because she’s rich and displays such arrogance a la Murder Monkey,

Perceived "arrogance" is not a crime.
Are you sure you're thinking with your brain?

the “little people” are just asking for equal justice and that she do her time for committing the crime.

Every lawyer on CNN, MSNBC and even FOX News agrees that Paris is getting treated
more harshly than a non-famous accused.  Is there no room for facts or logic in your argument?

If it were LaQuita Jones being booked for the same crime, she would have gotten more jail time
than Miss Legally Blonde Heiress.

The experts say the opposite is true.
Why do you reject what the experts have said?

Do you think singer Brandy will get the same sentence as Paris for crashing and killing someone.

What's your point?  My prediction about Brandy's future is of no value here.
We're talking about the past - provable facts that you're not allowing into the mix.

Imagine if Paris had indeed crashed and killed someone?

Imagine if the judge had treated her like every other citizen.

It’s the inequality of justice that makes everyone want to puke!
 Frankie R. L.A., Calif.

Once again - ALL the experts agree if she wasn't famous,
she would've done a few hours or days and this would be over.
But because she's the most hated person in America, the system buckled.

 Send e-mail to Bart


"When it comes to Paris Hilton, everyone turns into Nancy Grace."
     -- Bartcop 

Subject: I checked your claim about Michelle Rodriguez

Sure enough, she was let go after 4 hours of a 60 day sentence.
This seems pretty damn preposterous, but nevertheless it is true.

The question is not what you or I think is fair. The question is was she treated like others
in her position.  The answer is no, she got much harsher treatment, according to Los Angeles
lawyers who handle dozens of cases like this every year.

People are acting like Paris was the first DUI in LA history to break probation
therefor the police had no idea how to handle a case like this.

The only thing I can surmise is that her judge did not impose any conditions for her incarceration,
as opposed to Paris' judge who explicitly said no electronic monitoring.

Why doesn't that raise some red flags?
If 25 defendants appear and the first 24 are let go after being booked, and the judge
looks at defendant 25 and says, "No bail for you!" should somebody ask why?

I still don't think Paris got an especially raw deal but Michelle Rodriguez got a sickeningly sweet one!
Especially since she had just gotten out of jail in Hawaii.

The LA lawyers say you are 100% wrong.
Rodriguez got the normal sentence that every other defendant gets.

The question is why did Paris get 45 days when Rodriguez got 4 hours?
The reason is because Paris is the most hated person in America.

 Send e-mail to Bart


“She did about double to triple what anybody else would have done.  I had a client 
  last week who literally turned themselves in, took the bus ride and were released 
  right from county jail onto the electronic monitoring and then was released from 
  that in six days ... So when people say Paris was getting special treatment, 
  I say, yes. She got double or triple what everybody else in LA County gets.”
   -- Mark Geragos, top tier LA attorney who got Susan McDougal freed,     Link

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Mark Geragos lies

I highly doubt you "know" Geragos, but even if you do, you should know he lied bigtime about Hilton. 

We exchanged a few e-mails, but it's not like we're close, personal friends.

My impression of Geragos dropped sharply after I saw him lie on teevee. 
He said that Paris was treated this way after ONE legal charge.  A lie. 
As a lawyer, he knew that she had three DUIs in a 6-month period, 
as well as not showing up for several other things she was ordered to, by the court. 
(Such as alcoholic-related meetings and NOT DRIVING.)

I am 100% sure of what I say.  Geragos isn't. 

Are you the gambling type?
I got cash money that says Paris has never had TWO DUIs, 
and you're giving me your Nancy Grace Guarantee that she's had three?

Sounds like we both ought to get getting out our wallets...

But I must say, the story of her screaming "Mom!  It's not FAIR!" made me laugh. 

To me that was an indication of her mental state at the time.
I'm guessing she'd just been thru the scariest three days of her life.
Then, she got past that only to hear she had to go back for 42 more days.

I guess that's a fun thing to laugh at. 
It struck me as more sad than funny.

Good news - Shepperd Smith of FOX News is in complete agreement with you.
Friday, he screamed,"It's not right! Mom!" about twenty times and each time,
you could hear all the staffers at his show giggling along with him .

 Send e-mail to Bart


"I was shocked to see all of the attention devoted to (my situation). I would hope
  that the public and the media will focus on more important things like the men
  and women serving our country in Iraq and other places around the world."
     -- Paris Hilton,

 Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Paris

What I don't get is why the judge raised her sentence back to 45 days from 23. 
It was the sheriff who released her.  How is that her fault? 
If the sheriff offers home confinement, was she supposed to refuse it?

Yes, Paris should've refused his offer and volunteered to be stay in the cage. 

When she was in our area for her show, the papers were full of stories about her, 
and everyone she met said she was very friendly.  They hate her because she's younger, 
richer, and better looking than they are.  She's villified for being shallow, liking parties and 
shopping, unlike the rest of Americans, who, as we all know, spend all their time working 
at soup kitchens and reading Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.
 Davis S

Davis, you're not supposed to use your head or your heart.
Your job is to hate her...

 Send e-mail to Bart

Paris Unites Us All
 Left and right come together to hate her
  by the Young Turks

There are no liberals, no conservatives, no blacks, no whites, no rich, no poor who don't 
hate Paris Hilton. We all can't stand her and we are jubilant at her misery and downfall.

Who didn't absolutely cherish the pictures of Hilton crying like a baby?
Who didn't adore the stories of her crying out, "Mom!" Or better yet, "It's not right!"

I laughed and laughed.

When I think of her crying out for her mommy as she is led away it brings a smile to my face.
It is impossible not to celebrate that.

I think Paris just passed bin Laden as most hated person in the world.
I wonder if the 9-11 families feel the same?

 Send e-mail to Bart

From:  Magicdick

Subject: Bart to paris's rescuuuuuuue! 

Chivalrous Bart Rushes to Paris Hiccup's Defense -

It's not the first time I took an extremely unpopular position on an issue.

You wrote:

> "If she has a mental breakdown or if her face is carved up or if she is 
> stabbed in jail, everyone will say,  "Who could have predicted that?"

Oh please.
First, she's in her own cell, and not rubbing Big Mamma's bunyons on the top bunk.

Really?  That's great news.
I'll try to get word to her parents that she'll be OK because, ...what was your name again?
Oh, yeah, because magicdick has given his Nancy Grace guarantee that nothing can happen to her.
I'm sure they'll sleep good tonight.

Second, you think with all Daddy Warbucks' money that anyone is gonna lay a FINGER on her in the pokey? 
How many prison guards do you think Daddy can afford to slap on his payroll for a month and a half?

I saw a thing on the History Channel yesterday, about when Al Capone went to prison, he got slapped around 
by other scumbags who taunted him saying, "Hey. Mr Tough Guy, you don't seem very tough to me."
If they did that to Al Capone, how tough is Paris going to be?

Give it up, Bart.  You're NOT getting into her pants.

I like smart women, not airheaded bimbos.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Paris

Bartcop, this is just part of the ongoing sadness in America. 
There is so much rage and anger.
Paris Hilton must suffer because we are suffering. 

The media shows her having a good time while we get robbed, raped and murdered by the corporations 
with the support of this government.  Paris Hilton is not the problem.  We are the problem. We don't read enough. 
We don't question enough. We vote against our best interests.  We are the cause.  There was a coup de tat 
in this country in 2000. Not my problem. Significant questions remain unanswered.about the 9-11 attacks. 
Not my problem. There was an illegal war started in 2003 that still rages.  Not my problem. There is strong 
evidence of voter fraud and disfranchisement in the 2004 election. Not my problem. There was a U.S. city 
destroyed by a hurricane in 2005 and is still struggling to rebuild. Not my problem.

If someone would just kill Paris Hilton, America's problems would just fade away.
Why, oh why Lord, did you send the Paris Plague to harm us?.

  Send e-mail to Bart


"Suffer, you bitch!!"
     -- Russell B in LA, speaking for most Americans

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