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Subject: OINKING again 

I hope you are NOT supporting the photoshopped Bristol Palin pic. 

I support humor and I support mocking the lying sons of bitches.
You should support those and  as well.

It disgusts me. 

"It" disgusts you?
I wish you were able to explain yourself better.

Bristol isn't 12 years old like Chelsea was when Rush called her "the White House dog."
Bristol is giving advice to children of child-bearing age - and you think her lies are OK?.

Bristol went on Oprah with her whore mother and lied about not having sex again.
More young women will get pregnant because of Bristol's lies and that's OK with you?
Perhaps you need to re-think your position.

STOP being sexist while trying to say you are not. 

Remember a few days ago I said Black people often ordered their pizza minus cheese?
That was a racist statement, but there's nothing wrong with telling the truth, just like there's
nothing wrong with mocking Bristol and using her sex to do it..

If I were to say, "Women are too stupid to be doctors," then come after me.
But calling out Bristol on her lies is something I'm certainly not ashamed of.
I wish you were better able to defend your point of view.

Tell me, if Bristol was seven feet tall and I made a skyscraper joke,
would my height-ism disgust you, too?

Why do you feel compelled to come to the aid of the lying enemy?

I hope to hell you do not have female children.
 Patsi BC

Patsi, you're talking crazy.

You seem to think Bristol (and her Mom?) should be allowed to lie and mislead
young women into an unplanned pregnancy because they were born female?

That makes no sense and I'll have no part of it.
Dishonesty that causes harm will be called out no matter who tells the lies.

That should be your motto, too.

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