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Patti Reagan

Picture One
I thought these pictures of Reagan's daughter were going to be explicit! 
Thank Koresh. 
At least her furry bits are hidden in the shadows. 

Boy, it'd be a real disaster if Ronald Reagan, the extremely-conservative 
pillar of GOP values and the premier icon to Rush's army of ditto-monkeys, 
had a daughter who would expose her breasts to the world just for money. 
I feel a lot better knowing she was raised better than that. 
I'm beginning to think Reagan might've been right about how to raise a family. 
Maybe there is something to this "family values" thing. 

(By the way... 
 How many times was Reagan married? 
 Wasn't he married to Mr. Spock's mom? 
 Wasn't she wife Number Two? 
 Yeah, I think that's right. 
 Jane Wyman, if that's her name, is Reagan wife three? 
 She played Spock's mother, and she married Reagan? 
 So, that would make Red-Ink Reagan Mr. Spock's step-dad?) 

Picture Two
Damn, I was wrong. 
That's as topless as a conservative President's daughter can get for a camera. 
I feel so let down. 
I was just starting to trust the Reagan's parenting skills, 
and look how they raised their daughter. 

My, my, my. 

Picture Three

I wonder if she even knows the name of the man who's doing that to her? 

Double Shock!!!

That's a guy landing on Patti's right runway, and that's either a girl or 
a Rush Limba female-impersonator attempting a landing on her left. 
Group sex? 

Is that how Patti Reagan was raised? 

Ol' BartCop hasn't ever had group sex, like Reagan's daughter. 
Ol' BartCop hasn't ever had group sex for a camera, like Reagan's daughter. 
Ol' BartCop is a Democrat! 

Picture Four
Patti, doing that for a camera????? 
Patti, please, for the sake of your father's memory!! 
If it wasn't for the historical relevance, I wouldn't even have a picture like this 
on my new website, but, like Rush says, this is a search for the truth

Picture Five

Is that Arnold Swartzenegger doing that to Patti Reagan? 
Sure looks like him. 
Are our eyes lying to us? 
Arnold is married to a nice-looking Kennedy gal, 
 and he's doing that with Patti Reagan? 

 Maybe this is a fake picture, like the Dr. Laura fakes. 

Picture Six

Fire all rockets. 
It's Def-Con FIVE!

A black man. 
Ronald Reagan's daughter and a black man. 
Ronald Reagan's daughter and a black man touching her. 
Ronald Reagan's daughter and a black man touching her there
Ronald Reagan's daughter and a black man touching her there for a camera. 
Ronald Reagan's daughter and a black man touching her there for Penthouse magazine. 
Ronald Reagan's daughter and a black man touching her there for the whole world to see. 

Somebody call Dick Morris, quick!

Funny, I never heard Rush tell his sheep that Patti Reagan posed for explicit,  nude photos 
of a sexual nature with a black man, I wonder why that is? 

It's the truth, to which your eyes can testify, and Rush claims he "always tells the truth," 
so I guess he was just too busy with Clinton's cock to getto "the truth." 

I'll bet if the C.C.C.  gets wind of this, we'd never hear Reagan's name mentioned 
at those white-power fund-raisers held by Lott, Barr, Duke and Fordice. 

Picture Seven
I found a picture of Patti Reagan with her pants on. 
Had to share. 

Picture Eight

It would be nice if somebody could explain this picture. 

Picture Nine

This is another picture that needs an explanation, but I don't have it. 
Maybe Patti was trying out for a part in a movie, or something but 
it looks like a she's doing that wacky crane thing from The Karate Kid.

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