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Subject: I'm Throwing a Flag..... 

Hey you,
I just finished watching Meet the Whore and you're so right... 
These ass-clowns are discussing matters of world security and they"re going for laughs??? 
I could not believe it.

Great point.  I really f-ing hate it when they say something stupid (usually about Hillary)
and then they laugh so hard they have to hold their ribs to keep them from breaking.
It seems every talking dick on TV wants to be a comedian..

Then they brought out some poll where they listed characteristics of the different candidates 
and how the public felt and when they showed Hillary's the last question they put down for 
the poll to respond to was "rhymes with rich."  I almost dropped my cold beer. 

The job of the whore media is to help Obama push Hillary out of the race.
That's the function for which they exist.

What the fuck is this horse hockey? 
Did they put a question on Barack's list like "rhymes with substitute n-word?" 
Did they put a question on McCains like whatever rhymes with scary old fascist dog?
Hell no.... This reeks!

It's just another day where the news chases the most money.
The Clintons must be stopped.
The fix is in it seems.... At least on whore NBC
 Paul in H-Town

It's the same on every network, every cable channel, the talk radio Nazis,
the major magazines, the biggest demo websites, every AAR program, etc.

The Clintons must be stopped.

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