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Subject: You always take the republicasn side

Bart as always you take the republican side...and next ypu'll want to kiss your idol "pigman" Limbaugh's butt.
Yeah, if I'm known for anything it's worshipping the vulgar Pigboy.
Do you realize you've already lost all credibility?
You've set a Monkey Mail record for biggest fuck-up the fastest.

No fucking way back after 9/11 and BushCo with all the power would ever share sensitive, self incriminating information 
with Pelosi or the hated Democrats, ever, Why would the BushCo/republicans do this and tell democrats incriminating secrets?

Then why can't Pelosi tell one story and stick to it?
Long-time, professional politicians are supposed to be able to answer simple questions.
She's the Speaker of the House and can't keep her story straight?

Something made her give Bush a blank check to commit crimes.
If it wasn't her complicity - what was the reason she did such a stupid and damaging thing?
What made Pelosi betray her party and her country this way?
The republicans ruled everything then (2001 - 2007) Bush/Cheney/Rove & the republicans 
really & truly thought their power was going to last forever.

Non sequitor, but OK.

The republicans were/are so smugly partisan and have such disdain for the democrats, the people & our constitution. 
They were never ever going to do things fairly or by the law, that’s not who the republicans are, they believe they are 
better than everyone else….republicans felt they were above all that, untouchable, they certainly were NOT going to 
tell Pelosi or any Democrat for that matter all their lies & sick secrets about prisoner abuse and torture or about anything else….

Fine, ao why can't she tell one story and stick to it?

The republicans (Cheney) wouldn't even tell the Dems or anyone else who was even at the White House energy policy meetings. 
It's still covered up, so you know they were never going to let democrats in on their crimes, lust for pain & torture, and most 
certainly not Nancy Pelosi whom they despise or any other democrat….
The CIA, BushCo & the republicans who were in complete and total power are lying trying to save their ass and believe 
they can get out of this if they finger a democrat, and say it enough times on Fox news….that’s always been their strategy, 
since day one of BushCo, the most secret administration in American history.

Again, get real here, we are talking about the arrogant slimy, vindictive, imperialist republicans in power here.

When are you going to make a point?
Why are you explaining "Republicans are crooked bastards" to ME?
Look at Bob Graham he documented the dates the CIA has given are LIES...
Yet You Bart want to beleive you're buddies the republican, as always...

ha ha
You should've shown this e-mail to a friend before you sent it.
If he was a good friend, he would've slapped you and hit "Cancel."

"The former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Bob Graham, says that the Central Intelligence Agency
told him that they had briefed him on the Bush administration’s torture techniques on two dates he was never briefed.

I didn't think this was possible, but you're starting to make less sense.

What’s more, Graham told a New York radio host Thursday that the CIA admitted that they’d gotten the dates wrong. 
The CIA recently released a report detailing the dates that key members of Congress had been briefed about Bush torture, 
but acknowledged in a letter accompanying the report that they couldn’t vouch for its complete accuracy.

Graham’s pronouncement is startling in light of claims by Pelosi contesting the accuracy of the CIA report, 
and may call into question the veracity of the report as a whole".

How does any of this excuse Pelosi's inability to plainly and clearly explain her position?

But as alwys you have to blame the the democrats...why are you such a closet right-wing republican asshole Bart?

Answer this for ALL of us!!
 Weird Al in Humboldt County

You're in Humboldt County and you're this high-strung?

This morning on CNN, Stenny Hoyer said he didn't believe Pelosi, either.
Maybe you should write him a rambling, mistake-filled, incoherent e-mail, too?
Look, Pelosi's problems are Pelosi's problems.
If you like her, if you believe her, I can understand why you're having a bad day, but *I* didn't advise 
Pelosi to give Bush a blank check and *I* didn't advise Pelosi to then lie about the reasons she did it.

Pelosi is in so much trouble, she might not survive this storm.
And you think *I* am responsible for her problems?

And after all your banshee screaming and demanding answers, riddle me this:

Between Pelosi and me, only one of us wanted Bush impeached.
Why are you protecting the lady who's protected Bush all these years?

...and you call ME a Republican?

I think you need to smoke one and shut the fuck up..

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