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Subject: Goodbye, Bart

I've tried to be a supporter of yours during this primary season, but I just can't do it anymore.  
Your defense of anything and everything done or said by Hilary Clinton or her staff has just gone too far.  

What if I supported YOU, and I got mail saying, 
"Your defense of everything done or said by Peny has just gone too far," 
should I withdraw my support for you?.  

Do you get that she's fighting the Obama half of the party AND the media AND the Republicans?
And you're sick and tired of someone sticking up for her - I get that - most people are.

Seems like half of America wants her to go away, the other half wants her dead.
Yes, I could make a lot more money if I followed the crowd everywhere they went.

It's one thing to have an opinion about a candidate.  It's quite another to be so obsessed 
that you turn on those who would disagree with you.  

That's an unsupported allegation - how could I possibly answer that?

I'm well aware from the response you had for my e-mail about the Ferarro comments 
that you have no use for dissent or disagreement.  

This page is all dissent and disagreement.

I'm not such a fan of any candidate that I can't acknowledge their mistakes or flaws.  

You want me to acknowledge Hillary's flaws?   To what end?
Don't you get enough of Hillary's flaws from every TV show and 98% of all blogs?

Should I acknowledge Obama's flaws when he runs against McCain?  
Wouldn't that be kinda stupid for a Democratic web site?

You are more than happy to point out anything about Obama that you consider to be "negative" 
but manage to ridicule those who don't like everything done by the Clinton campaign.
True, the hero worship seems excessive to those of us who see Obama as a human politician.
Forgive me if I sometimes use ridicule the way Jon Stewart, Colbert, SNL or Bill Maher does.
Who do I think I am, trying to be funny?

In Volume 2128 more space is devoted to Obama than to any other topic.

Have you turned on a TV or computer or read anything online lately? 
Would you ask Harry Carey to stop talking about the Cubs?  
(If he were alive, I mean.)

Have you bothered to mention that Bill Clinton appeared on the Rush Limbaugh Show 
on March 4 of this year?  Why on earth would he venture into that slime-fest?  I would think 
it would at least be worth a mention from you.  I doubt that you would have given Obama a 
pass if he had stooped so low as to go on Limbaugh's filthy show.  The double standard is too blatant.

We mentioned Bill on Rush's show two days in a row. It didn't get much press 
because Rush wasn't on the show that day so your 'double standard' doesn't exist.

Liars and whores want you to think Bill and Rush got all chummy on his show - but that didn't happen.
Sorry I mentioned the truth - twice- and moved on.  It was a non-story.
I'm sorry that it had to come to this.  I wish you all the best. 

Peny, nothing "had to come to this."
You're angry because my opinion is different from yours.
Have you ever tried to agree with everyone?

If Obama could put Hillary away, the party will unite behind him.
So when will that happen?

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