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Subject: People just don't like her

Bart, you wrote:

> If our goal is to nominate a Black man, we should go with Obama.
> But what if our goal is to win the White House? 

Yeah, thats my goal.  I'm 42 years old and I cant recall growing up in an America that was falling 
over themselves to elect black men.  I loved the Big Dog and couldn't care less who blew him. 
If she's so goddammed electable, why is she in the predicament that she is in.  Last time I checked,
Blacks were 15% or so of the electorate.  She had the money, the machine, the name recognition, 
and an aura of what the hell happened?

I take it you're an Obama fan who's never read this page before?
She had to fight the Republicans and the media and half the Democrats.
Plus, she's had to fight the unexplainable hysteria that surrounds Obama.

I'll give you the answer...people don't like her....she's just not fucking likable. 

Voters thought Bush was more likeable than Gore or Kerry.
What's the definition of insanity?  I forget.
Who wants an experienced pilot in a storm when we can have a "likeable" pilot?

With the whore media acting as Obama's campaign managers, 
they were able to make "experience and competence" into negatives.

Yeah, Bill could be kind of skeevy, but we all loved him.  She's not Bill. 
If she can't win the Democratic nomination strait up, do you really think that 
enough Republicans are going to cross over to get her the win?

Some "hysteria" people seem to think the current score is 98-2
and they can't understand why she doesn't accept defeat and leave.

Right now, we don't know why Republicans are voting for Obama.
Maybe they love him or maybe they can't stand another loss to the Clintons.

She's only still in it to damage Obama enough to lose in November. 

So, you're a mind reader, too?
Funny how mind readers go almost exclusively for Obama.

In 4 years she can still run, but in 8 she'll be almost as old as McSame. 

In 8 years, Obama will only have 6 years less experience than Hillary has now.

In February, you were crying that, "As a party, can we make it to Super Tuesday?" 
but now you want it to play out to the bitter matter how impossible the math is.

I'm doing all I can to prevent another four years of Bush bastard-ism.

We have yet to see Obama throw a punch, we've yet to see him take a punch
and we're about to send him into the most deadly knife fight in all of politics.
Your lack of concern puzzles me.

You wont print this, but its the truth...and you know it.
 Big Pfeif in Philly

That's me - always afraid of the truth.

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