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Subject: the Perkel-DEA situation

First, yes, this sounds a little funny, and if it was anyone besides Marc Perkel, I would assume 
it was hyberbole and let it go, but after all, Perkel is the most dangerous man on the Internet.

Perkel is negotiating with the DEA to make marijuana legal because it's considered a sacrament
in his Church of Reality - and this is not a joke.   He has been in contact with the head DEA dude, 
the guy who testifies before congress when they have questions about the DEA.

You'd think in this situation - asking the DEA to give you a waver to smoke pot for religious reasons 
would be not even worth finishing reading the story, but Perkel has a tremendous amount of legal 
experience and he knows how to frame an argument and the DEA is listening to him.

The DEA has had many, many chances to tell him, "Nice try, no," but instead, 
they have written back to him multiple times, asking questions to clarify his position.
Perkel thinks he's got a chance to make this happen.

He knows what topics he has to cover to give the DEA political cover to grant his request.
He's using solid legal arguments and citing legal precedents to build the argument that his religion is 
as real (more so, actually) than those phoney religions and he says he can tell by the reply questions 
the DEA is asking that he might be getting close to a legal breakthru.

So if one is found holding a small amount of cannabinoids by the local police, it's possible that an 
individual could show the arresting officer his Church of Reality membership card and get the cuffs 
removed because he's just practicing his religion which is his legal right under the Constitution.

I know you're skeptical, and when you hear something like this you should be, but don't 
underestimate what Marc Perkel can do after he gets high and thinks about a situation. 

There are still details to be worked out between the CoR and the DEA, but the DEA has had a 
dozen opportunities to tell him, "Don't be an idiot - you're not getting a free pass to smoke pot" 
and they've chosen not to exercize that option. They seem to be working with him on this.

Some people have asked him, "Is the DEA setting you up for a bust?"
He says no, and here's his reasoning: In San Francisco, pot is almost legal, anyway.
(Marc told me he once smoked a joint on the courthouse steps with cops watching him.)
Also, since pot is easy to find in San Francisco, there's no need to buy a lot.

When you go to the liquor store, do you buy 25 cases of beer?
No, you buy one, because you know you can easily buy more when you run out.

Same thing with pot - he has no reason to buy more than a few grams at a time, so why would 
the top man in the DEA exchange correspondence with Perkel to set him up for a lousy 5-gram bust 
to make some kind of senseless point?

I'm sure there's a lot I left out, but there's more to come on this.
He said if/when something good happens, you'll read about if first right here on

It's possible the Church of Reality might be about to get real big and real famous.
To join, you only have to accept Reality as your creator.
If you believe in the Invisible Cloud Being in the sky, maybe Reality isn't for you,
but you might want to join just to get the membership card :)

And who knows - the DEA might rule that only CoR officers get this exemption,
or they could rule that only existing members get the exemption, so if I was you,
I'd join Perkel's Church of Reality today because you have nothing to lose.

The worst that could happen is you'd be accused of being a realist and you might end up being the 
only person in your city who can legally smoke pot - thanks to the dangerous mind of Marc Perkel.

      Join the Church of Reality

I suggest you join right now - and maybe include a donation.
The DEA could rule only existing members get the exemption.

What do you have to lose?

This could save you thousands in legal fees.
This might allow you to keep your job because you were a member.
Your legal record might remain spotless - if you're a member of the CoR.

Sure, it sounds crazy, but I'll bet on Marc Perkel..

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