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Subject: Can we spend a trillion dollars a week to prop up the market?

This week the government pumped a trillion dollars of borrowed money against our taxes 
into the stock markets to prop up the profits of the rich. This is to restore confidence in the market. 
But is our problem really a matter of the confidence of investors in the market or the confidence of 
the people in our government? They allowed deregulation to occur allowing the financial institutions 
to go wild and now they the are losing money they want to suck off the government socialist tit.

And what does the taxpayers get? The GOP is compiling list of foreclosed homes so that when the 
owners show up to vote the Republicans will prevent them. So the banks get trillions and the people 
who are out out on the street don't even get to vote. I think it's time for the people to rise up and take 
America back from Wall Street. In a free market banks should fail. People should lose money on bad 
investments. That's what freedom is all about. And what is Wall Street going to do next week? Are we 
going to give them another trillion dollars? And who is next? Do we prop up the auto industry for decades 
of bad decisions? Do we cave into the oil companies and "drill baby drill" while the planet overheats?

There comes a point when reality catches up with you. When you can no longer live the lie. When the 
country can't keep kiting checks. When you kicked the can down the road so many times that there is 
no more road. I say enough is enough. I say it's time that someone else pay the price than to dump it on
the taxpayers. It's time we make the politicians suffer not the taxpayer. 

It's time for the people to show anger towards the government.

Marc Perkel
San Bruno, CA.

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